Server Problem

I believe there are server problem. I play other online games pretty fast & responsive, but when i play hero hunters pvp, the games keep lagging and made it hard to fight the pvp.

This happens when I play via wifi. When I use my regular phone data it’s super fast. Unfortunate my phone has zero reception at my house.

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phone data seems to help with bounty problems for most of the time
MOST, sometimes wifi works better

So, if playing on data works, and wifi has issues, that point to a weak wifi signal. The game doesn’t do anything different on our end if you’re using one over the other, so everything I’m hearing points to signal strength.

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@Muninn I can’t reply on the in game app purchases issue thread. It says it’s Apples fault however they are saying it’s HH and HH is saying it’s Apple. What do I do, just loose my money purchasing offers on HH?


There’s a topic about this on the forum! Go take a look.

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