Frequent connection issue when playing PvP or Co-op Raids

Maybe I’m just bad. Maybe its the fault of my shoddy internet. Whatever the case, I would say that at least one out of three online matches I enter has symptoms of terrible connection. That icon that appears when the wifi is spotty is a frequent sight.

In my case, the wifi might begin to show as unstable before settling down and all is good in the world. Sometimes, the connection is completely unstable and it causes actions such as switching Heroes to become a labored chore (2 - 3 seconds before a switch).

Is there anything I can do to fix or at least dampen the connection issues? Is this a common issue? I’d like to play PvP again someday without having to tap a Hero in a futile effort to gain manual control.

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This happens to me too, it is so annoying. It works fine on data but sometimes on wifi i cant even play properly, if at all. I’ve messaged support about this many times but they don’t really do anything to fix it. It works shoddily on all wifi networks: home, work, public wifi. It was fixed for a bit when I updated to the new iOS but it is back to being glitchy again. Sometimes I can play all of the co ops and pvps, other times it will leave me on the match starting screen. So I guess it is a game of luck or something?!?

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Recently (past day or two) the game has not been a fan of my wifi or my data connection when it comes to starting co-ops or pvp or even finishing patrols. Very irritating indeed.

If you’re seeing the wifi connectivity issues icon, then that almost always indicates that it’s a connection issue on your end. There do seem to be quite a lot of issues with PvP connectivity though, especially lately, even with a perfect client-side connection.

I have been having this issue with all of the above game modes since October II update. It’s a real thing. No other mobile game that I play has any issues at all.


how it could be the player fault when some fights have no lag issue and some are completly delay ! like the opponent shooting first ?! is not the problem about hothead server ?! or maybe sometimes u fight someone that is at the oposite of the face of the earth ?!??! hothead may be bring some light to those questions ?!

You’re… you’re four months late my dude. Everything’s fine here for me.

so what have u change ???

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