Server Issue

So… Is it just me or the servers are insane? Long loading times for Bounty, PVP and my Gauntlet wouldn’t reset until after 2 minutes. I feel like the only fair thing to do in this situation is allocate extra time to make up for the servers because my alliance (and I’m sure others are too) is failing to meet the average Milestone considering the network issue.

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Yes everyone in my alliance could not play since late last night until midday today.


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Unfortunately, time isn’t something we can grant you. We apologize for the inconvience.

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Then how about rewards to supplement what alliances would have achieved if they would have been able to play normally. Two days out of a four day event that most werent able to play is completely ridiculous!!!

Unfortunately, we can’t provide milestone awards based on what you would have gotten in a potential future where momentary server issues didn’t occur. Time isn’t something we can gift you.

We do apologize for the relative instability, and are investigating what happened to hopefully prevent it in the future. We thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the gilded tokens as compensation for the laggy server! Nice gesture.


Thanks for the tokens finally I unlocked kaiyoshi


Yes, thanks for the tokens. They were a real surprise.

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