Servers are destroying gameplay

The server instability is causing almost all gamemodes to suffer, pvp being the worst, but can be felt in coop raids as well. This issue needs to be top priority, I along with quite a few other players won’t stay in a game that I lose solely because of servers, shots don’t register and my characters skip around and won’t reload…
I will not spend another dime on this game unroll server stability is addressed. I suggest the same from everyone else. Skill doesn’t matter if you can’t even control your character.

So some more information on the subject, I literally do 0 damage in 50% of my PvP matches. This is your main gameplay and it is broken, I’ve asked about this in game to devs with no reply mentioned it in discord with no reply. Atleast lie to us and tell us you are aware of this issue and working to fix it. I played rainbow six siege for almost 2 years I can deal with bad servers as long as you lie to me and tell me you are going to fix it…

I certainly do see some of this while playing but it is not all the time. Usually there will be a host of people complaining at those times in the VIP chat which is usually addressed very quickly by the devs/community members that monitor the chat.

The only exception to this is in the sewer map. There are starting positions where hits simply do not register until I move my heroes position or after about 15-20 seconds.

For example, if I am controlling a mid or rearline hero that starts on the right side and I am trying to shoot a midline hero on the opposing team. The first clip of shots do not register even though I am clearly on the hero with my cross hairs. I have tested this fairly heavily from when I noticed it and when I get a chance will record the gameplay/tests and send them to the the devs. Just don’t have the time at present though.


Hey @Deathwish,

Best way to help us out here is to open a Player Support ticket and provide them with this feedback and the following information:

  • Device
  • Country
  • Wifi or 3G/4G
  • If you see this happening only on specific maps, with specific heroes or at specific times of the day

Player Support has the tools to investigate further and send us a detailed report. The more information we’re armed with, the better we can address this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Agree! The same for me and my friends: There are starting positions where hits simply do not register!
I usually use Artemis and when I give a shot, it doesn’t make any damage though I am clearly on the hero with my cross hairs. This happens ONLY IN SEWER. Other maps are working fine! Please fix this

It seems like there is an invisible wall in front of you

I’ve recorded 3 videos with this bug, pls let me know where I can upload them @Rook

@Arkel Awesome, those will be very helpful. Please upload them to youtube and provide the link in a Player Support ticket. They’ll be able to combine those videos with you other account information so they can send us a complete bug report. Thanks!

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There are wooden poles on the sewer map that you can’t always clearly see, most of the time you need to break that one to make sure you can get an enemy in a crossfire, most likely change the position or hero and you’ll be able to shoot him.

There is a lagg on occasions where hits don’t register at all and that is a really problem and happens on every map from time to time, not only the sewer. With this problem comes a delay in standing up and trying to shoot, this can take up to 1-3 seconds, and after the shot an other delay occurres, also taking 1-3 seconds, I don’t always have this problem, but when this happens I know I lost that round.

For the rest, awsome game keep up the good work devs!

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