Share your unpopular opinions about the game

Share us your unpopular opinions about the game

It should have stopped at 100 heroes.

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Alliance War should’ve ended years ago.

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We should go back to 3star heroes being released


Krieger-based cheese teams are stupid change my mind


thats a pretty popular opinion

idk why i would love this but yes

It’s an unpopular opinion for anyone who uses them, which is basically every other team I face in pvp lol

100% agree. It just feels so standard nowadays!

We need themed skin groups.
For example a cow(girl)boy theme for all revolver heroes.
Or a space theme for all old school looking heroes
Maybe even a music theme. Wearing old mp players, headsets and sporty clothing

The Original Campaign Heroes are the Weakest - Ryker , Butter, Nightangle. shy!!!

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Fiber should be removed from the game


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