Players' Take on the Future of HH

Hero Hunters is undergoing a new change of getting a new developer team and in return, bringing in new ideas. What I am going to say is my personal opinion and just how I feel Hero Hunters should be. Feel free to let me know your thoughts as well. There will be multiple parts, with their titles in bold, so scroll through if you are looking for a certain aspect. Also I feel with combining ideas that this is no longer just my take, but the players who contribute ideas as well.

Players’ Take on the Future of HH
By Arpinicl and Others

Part 1: Campaign

As many of the player base know, 14-10 is the last level in the campaign for the modes Normal and Hard, while the other levels of Extreme are still being added, in Hero Hunters. Considering the campaign we are faced with right now as book 1 of the series, with chapters 1-14, and many players completing them, a new update would be do soon. I do enjoy the Urgent Missions however, which add lore and continue the story with the new updated stories. As proposed by @Belliam , if a second part which would be like a sequel to the campaign was added, it would boost player satisfaction. Players should be able to jump into either campaign, regardless of completion of one or the other. To prevent spoilers from jumping from each “book”, the second part could be a different side to a story or introduce a whole new setting with new characters. I understand that this would take a large major update and take a long time to create, but it would pay off in the long run and keep players playing the game for longer and creating the potential for them to reference it to others.

If these features were introduced into the game campaign, more players would be encouraged to play it and it would become less of a tire and more of an entertainment aspect.

Part 2: Updates/Heroes

Heroes. The last 3 star hero I can remember was Xianjiu or Shanks or Astrix, but that wasn’t since last year or longer. After that, they started releasing 5 star and 7 star heroes. At first, I was excited as we only had a handful of those heroes. But, when this lasted longer than a few months, it seemed as if everyone started becoming too powerful too quickly. When I had just started, I would be jumping with joy if I pulled a 5 star. Now, it just seems like a 3 star and they lost their uniqueness. 3 stars have started to fall out of place and 5 stars became the new norm. In my opinion, we should go back to releasing 3 star heroes. Higher level heroes should be harder to gain, not almost a guaranteed one every month. Along with that, you would bring back the feeling of happiness whenever you pulled something better than a 3 star.

Along with that, I feel as if many of the heroes on the roster have been forgotten about. With every update, it seems as if that hero is becoming crazy powerful and some other heroes get forgotten about, i.e. Ryker, Nightingale, Salvatore, Panzer. I have yet to see these heroes in action for quite a long time. This is also biased as I play in Veteran / borderline Challenger bracket. When we recently had two bonused faction month, I feel as if that brought more attention to heroes who may have been forgotten about. Other ways you could bring recognition to them could be creating an event where its only heroes that were released before a certain date that could be used.

If DECA implements these, ratings of the game would increase.

Part 3: PVP

Co-Op PVP has long been broken and does not need to be covered on this topic as it has been complained about and discussed throughout many other topics. A new variation of PVP maps would be a nice addition as I feel as if there aren’t enough with the amount of time players do PVP matches. A match takes around only a few minutes and if you cycle through a handful of maps, within not many matches have you experienced all the maps. Another addition to PVP, which has been already started, is doing new modes/modifiers to events. With the new elemental brawl modifiers, which were much needed, it makes PVP more then just select your best heroes and play. It also, in my experience, prevents players from pressing auto play as much since they need to focus on certain heroes to stop with these modifiers. If we could receive more of this, then PVP feelings will increase.

Part 4: Events

Events have repeated for quite sometime and need some variation. Alliance events should be encouraged more often instead of just fragment collections and Bounties. A possible idea is that you have an event where there is a boss with an insane amount of health. The catch is that no heroes have damage boosts as in bounty. The boss will also have a few soldiers and will be challenging. All heroes in the event are boosted to ruby and lvl 100 and their skills are maxed out as well. You have to make a formation using, say the bonused factions, heroes and deal damage to the boss. All alliance members can deal damage to the boss and progress stays after. Once a hero(s) dies, they are out for a set time limit. Players can buy revives which would also give profit to the developers. There is no time limit but how far you can make it until all your heroes die. Players earn rewards for certain damage milestones hit together as an alliance. Once an alliance kills the boss, a new one spawns. Thus, you could rank alliances against each other to see which can do the most damage or instead do which one kills the most bosses. Bosses can be heroes or Gorgons. The event mode could be called Boss Battle or something along those lines. If we encourage more alliance events and just overall a variety of events, players will play more and boost revenue of the game.

Part 5: Skin Issues
Credit to @TeamGB for this section

Currently in the game so far, many mythic and plus skins have been released, which I am pleased with, and are very vital to the game. However, if you missed the chance to get the skin when it first came out, then you are out of luck. Along with many rare skins for heroes being available only during their release and in the vault crate, it leaves little to no opportunity to unlock them via skindust or in the skin crate. The developers should allow these skins to be available, even if it means a high price or a low chance of pulling it from a crate. As long as people have the chance, they will try and spend money to unlock it. However, this part is just dead water and should be resolved soon.


I’ll continue to edit this and add other parts as things come along and if anyone mentions an idea in the replies that I favor, I’ll credit them and write their idea down. The future of Hero Hunters now lays in the hands of DECA and us players. We all have a voice and if we use it, change can come around.

Arpinicl and Others


You have some good points and yet some poor points here in Your mission statement. 14-10 is the last level in Normal and Hard Campaigns. Extreme level currently ends at 7-10 with district 8 coming soon.

Co-op Campaigns I just cannot agree to that point. Honestly, in my opinion it would actually make things harder.

The release of a new hero every month has been the basic S.O.P. for HH for a very long time. That one month interval may seem rushed, but it is actually plenty of time to aquire the new hero and level them up. HH gives several different ways to acquire Newly Released Heros, i.e. Most wanted crate, Hero Token crate, Hero Step up crate and of course co-ops. I’ve worked my way up through the ranks, if you will, and there were months where I didn’t aquire the new hero at all, but that’s why it is then eventually added to the hero crate! There will be another time when you had that missed hero built up and ready there greatest potential, as you said, when that “said hero’s” faction is the boosted faction of that month.

Now concerning the issue of "Forgotten Heros, i.e. Ryker, Nightingale, Salvatore, Panzer. Trust me, HH has not forgotten their Founding Heros, however, individual players, I’m guilty of this also, of having so many heros it does make it more difficult to decide to use certain ones. Currently there are 121 heros available, so I do understand your issue of forgetting heros.

You are just at Veteran level, so I do consider you still a little green around the edges. I hope you stick with it and build yourself over three million total team power like myself. It actually is a fun game, but as other games it still has its flaws, and I’m glad you decided to post your opinions about them.

Hopefully you post/edit something new to your Mission Statement. I do look forward to reading it.



Thanks for the feedback, I’ll go back and revise it later today or tomorrow!

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Sounds good, working together we can make thus the best game!

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Yes every 4 week having an update is my favorite thing about this game. I think some heroes need modified to create a changing environment to balance out heroes. People constantly don’t want nerfs which means there’s a lot of heroes that need buffs. What saddens me with 121 heroes only 2 get changed this past update less than 2% of the total heroes. Rather it be over 10% some haven’t changed at all ever.

The consistency of updates is way better than waiting for when will next update drop which was the worst part of other games I’ve played. And my opinion of campaign is brand new story basically make existing book 1, chapters 1-14. Just start a book 2 with option of going into either book from campaign button. Gotta think about programming requirements when doing story mission. Coop story campaign doesn’t make sense when you already have coops I think what you’re getting at is new coops besides gorgon helios and dojo. Starting a book 2 could be released 1 chapter at a time.

But possibly the best way to keep story going is urgent missions as they are possibly best recent addition. And should be more frequent. Balancing heroes just requires playing with math and could be increased fairly easily for hero changes. Skins are getting behind been expecting a mass skin update like the previous one. And kunoichi skin to be available again.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to modify my statement in the next hour to fit the comments made.

Further if you consider that coop pvp was built reusing code from coop missions then you consider gorgon the person who goes into the coop missions with higher power is on the left. You can change your power to be lower than partner but because you went in with higher power you’ll still be on the left. It seems the easiest fix would be when coop pvp match is over validate power again. It doesn’t it maintains the power you go into the event. I think it might be more difficult to validate power after doing ready. But if you can negate the people abusing it after 1 match it will improve. But I can’t see the code so this is just my guess. Ultimately when it checks power is the issue for coop pvp

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I would like to see coop missions (like helios, dojo, city hall) use bots similar to pvp when no one is around. Most of my coops go unused because no one is in auto and my alliance is not on at the same time.

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I got the feeling that five star heroes were coming out all the/c of the extreme levels. I didn’t get to extreme until after Marianas was nerfed. Would have loved to use her pre-nerfed in extreme. If only there was a hero whose ability reactivated an ally’s debut power level

Maybe you can mention the skin issue too. Those mythic and plus skins are so important in game now, but if you missed it when it was released, you are probably not going to get it afterwards. We have those nanodust and skin tokens, but I doubt anyone is using them. HH should make those skins available, at whatever high prices or whatever low chance of pulling it. As long as people have a chance, they will try and spend. Unfortunately. this part is just dead water at the moment……

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some quality of life suggestions

  1. add a “claim all” to the daily missions. sometimes its too boring to click them one by one.

  2. add a forfeit button on PvP wherein you autolose. i’ve had many instances where my vanguard is last standing against a darn butter/another vanguard and its just frustrating to watch and wastes a lot of time. allow us to leave the match at our own demise.

  3. add a lore book where we can reread dialogues from the lore (besides battling the same dungeon again). it can be a summarized narrative of every district.

  4. add a “jump to” option when scrolling between districts. its just to tedious to click 14 times when you want to jump from district 14 to district 1.

  5. make shields not be absolute damage blockers and just block portions of the damage received (say, 80 to 90%) to balance out the overreliance on it. this would make hyperoffensive teams a little bit viable.

p.s. return bounty to the way it was.


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