SHOCKING: I found a secret UAF member! Pics inside!

This is probably something Hothead don’t want us to know and I found this guy by total accident. The picture is not completely clear but you can make out the UAF emblem, facial features (goatee beard?), hair and even ears. He also looks kinda well built. What’s his lore?



Norab the Marine star?

Looks like Barron to me

Looks like Baron with his skin

Don’t see many similarities. Baron has dark complexion, looks confident, is human.
The other guy looks like a shubby robot, very surprised, eyes are very close together…

Turn Barron around and look at him


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I hate that it took me too long to figure this mystery out. However, I did notice something rather odd in the first picture:

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w00t! UAF is getting a robot with a goatee! :slight_smile:

Looks like the back of Baron’s noggin. He could just turn around and become robocop.