Spotlight: Baron

This series will highlight the variety of Heroes in Hero Hunters and showcase their role, design, and synergy with other Heroes! This spotlight centers around the upcoming Hero, Baron!

Icon_ElementEnergy Baron

Baron is the king on the battlefield and a great fit for any UAF fire team. He’s a beef-cake who excels at demolishing cover and providing suppressing fire for his allies. Baron is a valuable and adaptable squaddie.

As part of Butter’s re-tooling, we have split the core components of Butter’s original kit into two separate Heroes who will cater to different play styles. Baron offers an aggressive tanking alternative, dishing out spikes of damage quickly, and will often be the center of attention. Use his Taunts and high damage output to draw fire away from a vulnerable teammate.


  • An adaptable Off-Tank with a powerful minigun that shreds cover as though it were paper. His variety of Taunts keep his allies safe.

Primary Weapon – ‘XMG-80’ Cyclic Plasmagun:

  • This rapid fire minigun has a massive ammo capacity that allows a constant stream of damage.
  • Focus attacks on poorly armored foes to maximize the damage output.

Covering Fire Skill Headers
Covering Fire sprays a spread of bullets, hitting large numbers of enemies. The number of shots is distributed evenly among the enemies, dealing higher single-target damage when there are fewer enemies on the screen.

  • Tips
    • Use this ability on groups of enemies to gain a Taunt, drawing fire away from Baron’s allies.
    • Use this ability on an isolated enemy to deal a large amount of single-target damage very quickly.
    • Covering Fire fully reloads Baron’s minigun when activated. Time this ability for an effective reload to get back in the fight faster.

Pyroclast Skill Headers
Pyroclast rapidly deals a large punch of Energy damage and instantly demolishes cover.

  • Tips
    • Combine this ability with other Heroes who gain bonuses from destroying cover.
    • Make a high priority enemy target open to attacks.
    • Demolishing cover positions will interrupt ability cast channels and reloads. Use this ability to hinder the enemy from fighting back.

Center of Attention Skill Headers
Center of Attention provides Baron with an invaluable team bonus buff. Ally Heroes will gain bonus Health whenever an ally drops below 50% Health and Baron will Taunt enemies. If Baron was already Taunting before the Center of Attention effect activates, he will gain bonus Health as well. This passive ability keeps your allies alive longer by forcing your enemies to attack Baron first.

  • Tip
    • Use Covering Fire when allies are starting to reach 50% Health. This will nearly guarantee bonus Health for Baron from the Center of Attention effect, as he will already be Taunting.

Cover Breaker Skill Headers
Cover Breaker provides additional bonuses for demolishing cover and deals bonus damage to enemies out of cover.

  • Tip
    • For maximum effect, use Pyroclast to demolish enemy cover before raking them with a spread of minigun fire.


  • Baron’s vast number of Taunts allow Mid-line and Rear line Heroes to easily perform their role without being attacked or needing to take defensive positions.
  • Keep Baron’s Health topped up by combining him with Keel’s Scavenge Ability (restores Health whenever enemy cover is demolished).
  • Baron performs best when combined with a balanced team comp and additional front line Tanks. He can effectively draw fire away from teammates, but requires an effective Support Hero to keep him alive.

What do you think of Baron?


N1 Hero!

Cant wait to get him!! =D

But we wana see more about HALLOWAY!! :joy:

grrez vupi

We’ll be releasing more on other new heroes soon. I’m glad you are excited for Baron. He’s a lot of fun!

Is he an energy hero?

He is an Energy hero.

I’ll make sure to call that out better in the future!

From the description it looks like a well thought out skill setup (it seems energy keep on getting the best heroes :slight_smile: )

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Looks legit, only time can tell if he’s gonna b any good.
I’m still hoping some other issues will be fixed first before we go all overboard with the amount of heroes. And don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s a way to make good money for you guys. But still…

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From now i can wait… Got all heros give me that update!

Hope Halloway is that cool i think!!

His gold skill never activates.

Niiice! Love your work, guys. Post more stuff onto Sketchfab, please!

the model is awesome.

I really love how this particular spotlight was handled. I agree if we could see other heroes done like this in the future it would be great.

As far as Baron is concerned though. PLEASE look into buffing him and fixing his skill. I really want to like him, but he is so disappointing for being a front line hero. He does not have enough defenses or damage reduction for him to be healed in before his taunt automatically has him hitting the floor. And he doesn’t have enough damage to compensate for it either.


Can’t agree you more. Please fix it, or on one want to use him.

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@RequiemPrime. What in particular do you like about this spotlight? :slight_smile:

I will mention this post to the team members who are best suited to review this hero feedback.


Honestly? I like EVERYTHING, lol. The detailed Synergies and Powers explanations. The concept art. And the fantastic 3D model view which shows off the incredible amount of details and care that has been put into the characters. Really excellent stuff.

If also, maybe a short bio into the characters too? I know you guys have developed a world for Hero Hunters. Insight into the characters themselves, also provide a little insight into how they came about. And how teams like the UAF (Ryker, Butters, Nightingale, Baron and Halloway) came together.

Oh and the Wallpapers are also very appreciated. :grin:


I think the devs mentioned hivemind as a uaf hero so yeah him as well

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Yeah, at the time I had posted, I wasn’t aware the Hivemind was UAF ( I haven’t noticed the UAF symbol anywhere on him, but suspected it). But found out during the UAF vs. KLG event.

Could you possibly suggest some heroes that would work really well with this upcoming hero. It would really help me be able to use the hero effectively and help to see if my team will need him

This “upcoming hero” is already on the game. This post is kinda old (Aug 2017)

You can farm this hero on sectors 4-5 (Hard mode)

Now, answering your question, he has two taunts, so he is going to be focused by enemies. This means he needs at the very least one strong healer to be alive, or he may get destroyed too fast. Given how easy he breaks covers, he is beast paired with Keel (heals team on cover destruction). People also pair him with Halo because their plat skills work really well together.