Silhouette: How good and how to use?

How good is Silhouette as a healer, like where do you rank him below what other healer hero and not as high as what other healer hero?

And how to use him effectively?

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Silhouette is a good team balancer, but can easily get targeted as a frontline energy.

You’ll want to pair him with another healer who can boost the whole team. Also, having multiple tanks in your team makes his health balance ability worth using.

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So you mean he’s good to pair with Heimlock then both can help Heckler?

Yes, but I view Sil as a sort of counterpart to Moss. He’s a strong team-wide healer/manager, but he doesn’t fill in the healing gaps very well, since his other abilities revolve around him and his own survival.

I say pair him with Nightingale or Keel, someone who can quickly heal on a dime.


Can quickly on a dime.

Please explain

You want Nightingale, (piloted) Duran, Keel/Barricade, Heimlock or some other healer who can boost the health of your team quickly when balancing starts not to work (due to everyone’s work health being low)

Do you think I would still need a shielder with Sil + Healer combo?

Because I would like to use the 3 remaining slots for damagers of each basic element

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I would experiment; Sil won’t be able to hold an entire team up by himself, so I would recommend looking at Butter or Kobold to cover the team healing, have Sil balance, and then have Heimlock or Commander take care of the balance.

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Built this team now, it was great. They felt like immortal but hopefuly there’s a non energy hero or mech hero damager that would benefit more in healing like Heckler does to replace Shivs.

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I would do more tests, that was a bot who lacked plat abilities. Against a piloting player, your team can get pretty chopped up before Sil and Heim make their first move.

Using this team is strong, just substitute Fiber for a good DPS you want to run. The best way to pull the abilities off is to first activate Silhouette’s Perfect Balance, then Commander’s Med Drop. Brogan’s AI will finish the rest.

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Lol I never manual unless I’m not busy and I saw Kurtz in the enemies lineup

I also already using Phalanx on my other lineup

Anyway what is fps? And like who’s hero?

*dps. Also, yeah an auto team has more variables and less control. Up to you.

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