Cyphon: How good is he? Good team or combo for him?

How good is Cyphon?
How do you use him?
How to make him good?
Any good team or combo for him?

Syphon is pretty good. Has instant heals at cost of his own hp
Has decent damage
Has a channeling ability that instantly heals him to full almost

Make him good with someone who can heal his self inflicted damage. So say venom with her passive healing.
Use phalanx maybe to prevent him from dying quick
Use good damage dealers. He can sustain your team when controlled


Ok so first I thought he wasn’t good when I didn’t have him yet, then I tried him and seems he wasn’t really a healer then your insights does confirm he is.

His platinum tremendously boosts his silver.

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He is meh, rarely ever use him. He is only good for war imo, silhouette is a better version of him

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I would describe Cyphon as a fast Moss with some of the best control over team-health in the game (alongside Silhouette, Briar, and Moss). You HAVE to pilot his abilities, otherwise his AI is rather dumb :crazy_face: and doesn’t suit teams well. Overall, he’s one of the harder heroes to use on account of the timing of his abilities, but if used right, can save allies in a pinch.

I like to run him with several high-health, taunting tank heroes. That way, he can restore their health and give dps heroes a chance to kick into gear. One thing to note is that his parasite doesn’t work against shielded enemies, so be mindful of that when you use him.

He’s fun to use, and makes matches exciting and engaging. Definitely would recommend him.


Alright I’ll take a look at Silhouette

Thanks for the insights. That’s how I want to be used, like Moss. And I like you highlighted I have to pilot him because you know I’m on auto. Anyway I have upgrade him to platinum, maybe that’s why he was not doing good on my team.

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Without his plat, Cyphon is innept, you really do need that extra 300k healing for all allies to compensate for that 20% health sacrifice.

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