Siren and Hideo

just wanna know thoughts on these 2. just got them so wondering if its worth upgrading. and maybe drop what u think is the best team below

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A lot depends upon your style of play. Platinum Siren used with Platinum Halo can do a lot of damage and is specially useful in Co-op Raids at higher level and also for Bounties .
Hideo is also good with his stun ability and also interrupt skills of other heroes. There are some other options to him like 4-Cep and Shivs , but it depends largely on the style that suits you. I think, upgrading both of them would be a good option.

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Siren is probably the best PvE hero, she can do a tone of damage. She works well with Halo (for her lightning rods), and Hivemind and Striker (who triggers Halo’s lightning rods with their drones). Siren’s platinum skill makes her other skills output even more damage. Her gold makes her Power Chord cooldown lower. I wouldn’t use her for PvP though, she is often targeted right away because everyone knows she will shred ur team in seconds. :joy:

Hideo is very underrated in my opinion. His primary fire can deal a lot of damage, and his gold will make it even more affective. Both his skills are good for stopping other enemy skills, since he can either stagger all enemies with his Bladestorm or stun one enemy with his Exo leap. His gold and platinum will make Bladestorm stronger, making it deal more damage and charge faster. Hideo is good for both PvP and PvE in my opinion. He is also obtainable through war rewards, so if u 10* him, u can get a lot of heronium. Plus, KLG and KLG Irregulars are the featured faction this month, so he’s bonus right now.

To answer ur question: Yes, both of these heroes are definitely worth working on.


They are both very solid dps, squishy in terms of hp, siren specializes in dealling massive damage against multiple opponent then she can main on one, hideo specializes in 2 heroes at the time mostly, he has very good accurate damage and the capability to deal damage to multiples

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One is a ton of crowd control damage, the other is a ton of single/cluster target damage. Siren can silence the whole enemy team while dealing a lot of damage, and Hideo stacks up more damage as he damages an enemy while also being able to stun a target or disrupt a group of enemies. Both have relatively low health though.

Are we sure Striker’s drones do? Hivemind 100% but I was just testing Striker’s and I didn’t clearly see Halo proc.

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They should… she’s the only four star hero I don’t have so I don’t know. Just assumed so @Ninja_Pants

Yeah, I don’t think so but hopefully other people can chime in. I upgraded her quickly hoping it would be the case and I was disappointed. I think her drones are similar to the other spawns that die off except for Hivemind’s between sections of a level and that they don’t get Halo to proc.

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