Thoughts on SIREN

What are peoples opinion on then new hunter Siren I am really digging her. She is really strong imo with the AOE damage with the silence combo. Plus I think she is more reliable than savage at the Plat Halo/Savage combo.

If theres a shield provider you’re out cause her bronze is useless against shields.

I think she’s really good. Protect her with some shielder and she’ll be your MVP due to her damage output.

She helped me handle a Ronin minmaxing fool just now.


I dont have her plat yet im like 5 plat bullet materials away from getting her there but I am really liking her so and yes her dps is pretty nuts. I cant wait to do a Halo, Siren, Bolt combo or something.

What’s the best skill combo for her? Her power chord is up like twice as often as siren song is so it’s hard to do the 1-2 combo everytime

Someone who has cooldown reduction might help there!

I’m running this with Siren

Min and Oracle speed up skill recharge. Prophet adds a 10% bonus from time to time. And Sapphire for all the rift blades she gets from fast skill recharge. And she’s really cool. :sunglasses:



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I love her. She’s been doing much better than some of my stronger heroes. Very good CC

I haven’t had a ton of experience with her in PVP. The few times I faced her (9*, 1-3 bars), she seemed borderline OP. All my bio heroes (9-10*, all 3 bar+) melted when she used her abilities. Literally lost all three of them when they were still relatively high in hp before Siren’s abilities went off (75% hp or more down to 0?).

Well, after facing some higher level Siren players, I think I can say without a doubt she is OP as all hell:

That’s an 8*(yes, EIGHT STAR), 3 plat bar Siren doing almost 60k damage. To put that in perspective even the best 10*, 5 plat bar DPS heroes right now sit around 40-50k (Ronin, Dog, etc.). Siren is able to do that with 1 less bar and 2 less stars. Basically if she gets her abilities off it’s immediate death for any bio heroes, and energy ones will lose a good chunk of their life.

I could melt your three bio-chem hero’s with an 8* platinum energy dps machine too.

Idk why but I feel HH dev are trying to do the same as Brawl Stars (or Brawl Stars are trying to do the same as HH? :thinking::thinking:

So, whats “wrong” whit Brawl Stars? There’s a new brawler ever 1-2 moths (something like a new hero) and since 2-3 brawlers ago, these are basically broke. So, unless you’ve got this new brawler (hero) or find a clear (and most of times the only one) counter, you must pay for this brawler in order to, at least, don’t lose your trophies. Obviously, you must pay for higher brawler levels (something such as geting more stars for your heroes).

Siren is broke. If you don’t stop her first bronze skils, there are very few chances you can win the match.

Of course, new update she’ll get nerfed, all our money will go to trash and we’ll get a new OP hero.

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K, please post some screenshots of your 8*, 3 plat bar energy hero doing 55k DPS to bio heroes that are 9-10* and 3+ plat bars. I will be waiting…

IMO, she’s a beast. A little OP, but I’m not complaining lol

There is a reddit post regarding siren in subreddit just now, I find it relatable in pvp.