Siren = Overated?

Ive been seeing and been told that siren is really good. I understand she has quite high power but is she any good in pvp? her damage with her powers are I think meh. so I dont really understand the hype for her. example astrix’s slugger round does WAYYY more damage but she is barely seen. anyone explain to me why this is the case???


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I don’t know at what level you are playing with Siren , At Platinum Level she can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time . She has average health , so she can be killed easily at the start , but if she gets going it’s hard to fight against her . Especially Drop it will silence you and you can’t use your skills for that time period , this is also quite useful. Also for Co-op Raid Siren is useful. Maybe due to her low health , she is not used much in your Tier but definitely with a right team she is very useful.

Siren deals heavy damage to every enemy on the field at the same time so she can do massive damage plus her platinum boosts that and her drop it can silence. Combine with halo lightning and you have heavy amounts of damage very fast, ruby siren is a damage dealing maniac and is near unstoppable once she starts her siren song. Beware of her or she will wipe your whole team in an instant, try to keep her silences or stunned


ok thanks man. thats what i wanted to hear

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Lol, siren is the definition of a godess, music and insane damage, i don’t know what level you are using her on, but she is extremely good and deadly

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One of my favorite heroes. Haven’t seen any character like her in other games.


Yeah. That’s what I thought but I reckon her group damage is meh only. Why u like her?

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she just does good damage against groups and then deals some good to an individidual, good for strats

Her group dmg is great, only thing you need to figure out is to group her with the right team.

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What is a good team for her u think?

That depends from player to player, best way to know for sure is to try it out. But think abt adding support/healers and someone who can take dmg instead of her (hero that players would target from the start)

Siren is the best PvE hero, but not as good in PvP. I’m using her this PvP event, if you’re going to use her, just make sure you have the right healers and shielders. This is my team for this event:

She’s extremely powerful though. Siren’s Song damages all enemies at once and Amplifier buffs the damage massively.

Power Chord also does a lot of damage just to a single enemy. If they’re affected by Siren’s Song, it will automatically recharge. Whenever Siren’s Song expires, Drop It is activated, yet again reducing the cooldown and silences enemies. Over all of that, Amplifier also buffs the damage massively.

Last thing… Astrix is squishy but she’s used in PvE just as much as Siren is :P.

Don t touch siren ! !!! All the time à hero is mentioned in forum the dev nerf it !


One word. Shivs. :wink: Her both skills charge faster and may quick cancel Siren’s songs easily.

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As others mentioned, Siren has incredible AoE. She damages every enemy on the field and it is unavoidable. Most pair her with Halo for a little extra damage on each Song strike. She is super quick at taking out all the weaker adds in co-op raids, and against Gorgon and Helios she also does a ton of damage since they have multiple hit zones.

I find her much less useful in PVP. She is really squishy and since her song is channeled, it is pretty easy to interrupt. Still, if she gets a full Siren Song off without interruption she can wipe out a few bio heroes and weaken everyone else to less than half health.

Cant agree on that one, you just need right combination :slight_smile:

Yup, thats why she needs to be in a team that can keep her alive longer so she can show her full potential.

can’t agree with what lol

Dont need you to lol. I am using her in pvp, doing pretty great.

Siren is a potent hero if ignored and used right. However, she is a glass cannon, and will go down quickly if she isn’t supported.