Skill Growth and why it needs a change

Hey HH,
Are certain skills supposed to be left at level 1 or 21? The reason being that certain skills benefit so insignificantly from being leveled up that its much more efficient to leave them at base level in order to get an advantage in pvp.

If skills are supposed to become better as they level up, perhaps we can improve those skills in different ways than just damage. Cooldown reduction, better % on effects or longer durations. Because right now some of them are just not worth the skills points.


Specifically which champions skills are you talking about? Because yes, at those levels (1-21) the skills are not worth much. However, in my experience, all champions skills are rather effective at maxed level (50).

In high level pvp power matters more than anything.

For example, razor backs silver skill, even at 8 stars, only gains about 10k damage at level 50. Thats nothing. All that power you gain only serves to match you against stronger teams and you only had 10k damage to show for it .

Anothe one is Gammonds gold. That effect happens so rarely, that its much more effective to leave it at lv 21, and face weaker opponents for easier fights.

Lastly, look at prophets gold. Crit chance, at the moment, is 1% to 5% depending on what gun your hero has. His passive 10% damage boost is the only reason to have that skill, so it stays at 21 to again, face weaker teams, farm more wins.

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