PVP: Smurf Removal Idea (meme added for reference)

Maybe, just maybe they can Re-Adjust the power bonus given per-skill base on how useful it is or for its popularity.

Like Nightingale for example:
1st Skill: +50 power per level
2nd Skill: +2 power per Level
3rd Skill: +3 power per level

(of-course these values are just examples. No need to be triggered. But are they? hmmm)

But this is just ONE of the possible fixes I can think of.

NOTE: this is not a complain but an idea. Because some people just don’t understand the difference. EXAMPLE OF COMPLAIN: Why do I always get matched with strong people!!?.

As far as I know, skill levels don’t count for matchmaking anymore. If your lv 70 nightingale has 70-1-21 weights as much as my 70-70-70 for matchmaking.

Not sure what this change would accomplish, to be honest. Care to elaborate?

Me vs The Enemy I beaten (I searched his profile) - I used my low level account, useful for scouting info

I don’t know the right words on how to explain this.
But deep down you just know something not right. :joy::joy::joy:

  • Total power level is close, Looks legit at first glance.
  • I drew red-lines to indicate who their match up against. (so we can have a basic idea)
  • I brought along a HARDSCOPE with level 1 skills. (Even if my hardscope has level 1 skills, he will still not drop dead easy since he’s silver and 4 star)
  • Though my HARDSCOPE has only level 1 skills, I compensated with High level of heals.
  • I kept my other characters skills toned down a bit for my team power to not go that high.


Feel free to come up with your own answer base on the image…
just note this is just one of the scenarios in a rigged PVP game.

Meanwhile at Gold 6 stars, If you use a perfectly balanced team.
You’ll most of the time see a 1~2 plats, or a Plat Dogface massacre you since plat dogface gives the whole team an overall buff youre dead if you failed to kill him fast.

Commonly Seen in my 6 Star Gold runs:
6~7 Star Plat DogFace
9 Star Gold Nightingale
5~6 Star Plat Halo/Caine

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