Skill Points, How Are They Generated

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Exit here with another question. Just how are Skill Points generally generated? Everyday it seems that a certain number is generated. I think it’s 20, right? What happens when you have over 20, will skill points still be generated? If you don’t use them, can they add up over time? I have noticed that my points have not increased whenever my points were over 20 Uhh, is that correct?
Come to think of it, I might as well ask this other question. What other items when generated add as time goes on? Like say, if I were to take a 3 month break, what items would have increased over that time?

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The answer is no. Just like energy when you hit the cap you will not generate anymore after. If you have 0 then after a period of time you will go back up to 10 or 15 or whatever you cap is, then no matter how long you wait it will stay at that cap

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You just burst my bubble. Thanks Gale.

that is why i always say don’t save stamina for days… use it right away when it reach to your cap.

Thanks Jazmin007, will do.

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