Skill with percentage...?

There are many heroes’ skill coming with percentage… but Im focusing and talking about Shank for example here…

THREATEN : a loud yell has a 35% chance to stun each enemy for 8seconds

When I bring Shank to PvP, and I match up with opponent who also bring Shank, his/her Shank stun my heroes for the first time he launch the skill, and my Shank dont stun my opponent.
But, ofcourse the opposite sometimes happen, my Shank stun the opponent first, and his/her Shank dont stun my heroes.
What I want to say here is, isn’t that better if we have equal chance…?

U missed the point. This is activation timing and nothing to do with the skill itself.

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You do have an equal chance at stunning. its 35% for both players that bring him.


Thank you for your reply.
But for me thats not equal…
Lets make it simple
You and me, we both bring Shank. My shank stun you at the very first time he launch the skill, but your Shank dont stun me at the very first time he launch the skill…
And coz I stun you first, I get the advantage before you, so I can kill one of your heroes first.
When you launch the skill at the very first time, you dont stun me. You launch it at the second time, you got me stunned… but it’s too late, maybe one or two of your heroes is killed…
So, my opinion is… whoever stun the opponent first, will get more advantage.

You don’t say. I suggest reading up on probability.


Yes… That’s how randomness works. You both entered the match relying on a 35% chance. If you do that 1000 times, you’ll get the advantage in around 500 of them. That’s… how it works.

Just wow…
Chance is based on luck guy… probability :man_shrugging:t5:

It doesn’t help matter how many times you perform the skill. You always have a 35% chance each time. Technically you could perform it a 1000 times and it never actually triggers. Or it triggers every single time. The percent chance never changes for each use.