Slurp: How good is he? Good team or combo for him?

How good is Slurp?
How do you use him?
How to make him good?
Any good team or combo for him?

Slurp is decent

Slurp is best used by trying to dish out as much of his bronze to hinder your opponents and deal damage, then use the silver in case an ally gets low
Slurp his bronze staggers which can be a powerful element since it has a quick charge and a large area of effect

Make him good by adding more damage. For example commander can be used to buff for additional damage. Duran can boost his fire rate and reload speed which greatly increase his effectiveness.
Oracle or min can also work. While oracle provides ability charge buffs which makes him able to use his bronze and silver more often, Min fills that role by debilitating enemies and causing them to be unable to deal damage back. Both are great options

Team combo i recommend for ruby: Slurp, Oracle, (any good dps mech) Venom, matador
This team gives enough possibilities for damage. Compliments slurp as well as the others and provides plenty of support. Matador could be swapped out for any other tank/support. But that is up to you.
Team 2 for platinum: Slurp. Krieger. Commander. Duran. Venom
Slurp performs best at ruby since he gets a huge base damage buff and a shorter cool down for his bronze

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Thanks for this in depth and complete analysis.

I wasn’t expecting that he is actually a damager so that was eye opening to me.

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Can someone explain to me “their body” and “giving them armor”

Does he give armor to multiple allies or to himself only?

He just gains a bit of armor. The rest of the description is just to fit his character

Their is a pronounce

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What does armor do in this game? I never understood that

Reduce base weapon damage if i’m not mistaken

Armor does exactly what it does in real life, it reduces the amount of damage a hero takes.

Slurps’s armor is more “decorative” than hardcore functional; any energy dps can handle him easily.

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