Slurp’s Bronze Skill

Anyone else notice that Slurp’s bronze skill staggers you for 10 seconds and won’t let heroes reload? With how quickly his bronze refills at ruby, he can take one hero out of the match completely just by staggering em and leaving them useless. Not sure if his bronze was meant to do this but it’s annoying if you are playing against him. For example, I have ruby Matador and was hit with Slurp’s bronze over and over. For 47 seconds (yes I timed it to make sure I was right) I couldn’t reload or use his skills at all.

What I’ve noticed is that Slurp’s bronze spit ability doesn’t give you a debuff, but rather acts similarly to Oro’s caber nuke, staggering you. However, his ability does notify you with a debuff icon.

I have noticed this also. whoever I’m piloting gets knocked back over and over and over its quite frustrating. Pair that wish shank or bucket and you could probably get me to smash my phone on the ground lol

As they used to say during my World of Warcraft days…‘don’t stand in the stupid.’ In other words, ROLL OUT OF IT.

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That’s the power of abilities that root, good sir.

I noticed the same thing and thought that was probably the best thing about Slurp. It’s a really nice skill if intentional.

getting rooted is really inconsistent. Sometimes you can still shoot, sometimes you get stuck sideways and just have to stand there till its over, Briars root is the funniest because you can still sit there taking a swig and it prevents you from accidently rolling out of it before you’re done drinking.

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