Dreadnought's bronze skill

Hey all, recently got Dreadnought, and he seems pretty OK. However, I can’t tell how his bronze skill works. For some reason the explosions don’t appear on the target (for me) and somehow the enemy just suddenly gets a burst of damage for no apparent reason. And I’m not too sure how the attack works either. Is it a single burst of attacks (like Yanlong’s mortar) or a series of attacks (like Cinder’s acid rain)? And is it actually possible to dodge? Sometimes when I face him, he fires his bronze so I move between covers, only to get hit 3 seconds later… So yeah. Finally, how many hits does the skill do exactly? I know Cinder’s acid rain goes on for 2 seconds at a constant rate, but I can’t tells with dreadnought. There’s no way it deals 5k damage after seeing it kill an enemy in one use.

It does constant damage to a target. You only fire once but the skill continues to damage the enemy. Also yeah it does seem like there’s no way to dodge it when he’s being piloted by the computer.

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You can. With any movement buffs and the right timing

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