Sneak Peek: Elemental Fragments

#Sneak Peek: Elemental Fragments

With our upcoming 0.6 update, we’re changing the way Hero fragments work in the Crate Shop. Now when you purchase a Hero Crate and get a hero you’ve already unlocked, it will be automatically converted into the new Elemental fragments. Imagine this: you’ve just opened a Hero Crate and you get Mandrake, but you’ve already unlocked him. Instead of receiving Mandrake fragments, you’ll now receive Bio-chem fragments.

Dev Note:
Currently elemental fragments can only be obtained through Hero Crates.

You can use those Bio-chem fragments to evolve other Bio-chem heroes by converting them to Hero-specific fragments. In the below example I’ve decided to apply them to Moss. There is a new button in the Hero Upgrade menu that will bring up a tray where you can do 2 things: apply Elemental or Universal fragments to this hero or find places to get more fragments.

By tapping on either the Elemental fragment or Universal fragment icons you will convert them into Hero-specific fragments. You can tap the button to convert one at a time, or hold it down to convert multiple. The pace at which you convert fragments will increase the longer you hold down the icon. This conversion can not be undone.

There are Energy Fragments, Mechanical Fragments, Bio-Chem Fragments and Universal Fragments. When you unlock a duplicate hero, you will receive the corresponding amount of Elemental Fragments based on the Hero’s elemental affinity. Universal Fragments will be rarer to find; look for them in future events!

Dev Note:
In events that ask you to collect fragments of a specific element, the new Elemental fragments can be counted twice. Once from acquiring them from the Hero Crate and once again when converted into Hero-specific fragments.

Existing hero specific fragments will not be converted to these new Elemental fragments. You’ll still be able to acquire Hero-specific fragments the same ways you do now. The new fragment types are exclusive to the Hero Crate.


So no hope for convering my truckload of vanguard an rifleman frags to something usefull then? :cry: