What's the Fragment-to-Heronium conversion rate?

Either I’m a massive idiot or there’s already one in existence that I haven’t found. My Maven is 1025/1080 to 10 stars and probably by the weekend I’ll be able to access Heronium through her. What is the conversion rate? Also, can I continue to manually pump extra elemental Fragments into her to convert into Heronium?

50 per frag. Git gucci.

No, the option to put universal or elemental fragments disappears when you max a hero.

50 per frag. Git gucci.

Nham bullies me everywhere.

It’s far too good, is what it is. It creates a strong perverse incentive to dump frags into a small number of heroes (that you may not even like) when, really, the game should be incentivizing investing in a variety of heroes so that players are more likely to use lesser-used heroes.

Speaking as a player who farms heronium, btw.

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You can loot her from hard campaign missions for another slab of heronium and keep buying her from her gauntlet store but you can’t feed her green frags.

Just to add since I don’t see it mentioned yet - the conversion is 1:1 if you’re buying elemental frags. That is to say that 1 frag for a max hero will convert to 50 heronium, which is the price of 1 elemental frag in the heronium store (with a maximum of 60/day for each element).