Team Up ! Party on!

This is not a Pubg description , it’s HH . So let’s come to the topic it states that there will be a team squad of 4 players (can be friends ) and they will get an another team in the opponent in PvP and all will play against them . Now the team which will kill all the players of the other team will win . The team composition will be same of PvP as 5 heroes and the PvP gems will be regarded according to kills or damage done by the player . Leta say for example every kill will give you 50 PvP gems and for damage I think about a 500k damage will give u about 100 PvP gems . There can be a voice chat too and this can be the new PvP mode in HH . Thread is open to all , anyone who got any idea regarding this please share

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So you’re going to have 40 hero In a match?..don’t you think that’s too much?

40 heroes from both sides means 20 heroes a side that won’t be enough although we use 6 heroes in coops also

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