Solo PVP Blitz but no Tournament?

What has happened to the game. There is Solo PVP Blitz but no Tournament?

I’m so proud


Could be more proud by submitting a ticket to support.

it would make sense to support ticket, if this was a gameplay issue. however, this issue is related to the event calendar and TAC would not be able to assist. If only a group of players that has the ears of the developers can speak up and say something to them.


still falls under the “send a ticket to support”. when you have an issue in game, send in a ticket.

Community Stars don’t have any special influence or power lol, it’s just a title from getting into a Community Clash. Maybe I completely misunderstood you, though.

Regardless, DECA has got to get their act together. I don’t know a thing about being a game developer, but still…

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I’m moving on about the delay on updates and not have something really new to be proud of but this new incident is a clear sign of neglect. I thought they fixed the code. Now we have this.


I personally didn’t care, was quicker to finish my solo rewards lol. I assume either they will resolve later or run it independently in between tournaments.

The title now should become “Tournament but no (ended early) Solo PVP?” Lol

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