People are leaving this game?

Do you aware that a lot of beta players are leaving this game because there are much more new people than before and the reward of events are limited so everyone have to try harder to achieve the rewards? It causes people feeling stressful and forceful to play this game and it makes this game less fun? As the number of player keeps increasing, I suggest we should have some new game mode and adjust the event rewards? Not increasing number of events which do not make any sense like spending golds, pvp gems blitz? Some unlimited game mode should work for high reward with people who don’t have time to spend 10 hours everyday for pvp event?

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And what makes it even worse is that it seems they are not willing to manage bugs and glitches caused by offline-connection.


Hey @DevStar, thanks for the feedback! When you mention increasing competition in Events, are you talking about Blitz Events, PVP Tournaments, Bounties or all of them? We’ve increased the ranges of the rank rewards on Bounties to accommodate the increase in players, but Blitz Events may need some adjustments still.

If you could point out exactly where you guys are feeling this friction, it would help us a lot!

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I feel like the pvp event should be seperated from other event. I particularly mentioned about PVP event. It should be individual and not be effected by alliance. If it impacts alliance, it should be one a month.

Thanks @DevStar! We’ve been doing some investigation into the schedule and definitely don’t want you guys to feel overworked. We’re going to look into making some adjustments in March / April to give Alliances a break between events.

Sort of agree here. Events are fun and give us something to do (since stamina is so incredibly limited) but put a tremendous amount of stress on competitive players. Half my guild is experiencing sleep deprivation from the last bounty event (and we still didn’t get the tier 1 reward) and some members can become disgruntled when the guild doesn’t reach a target rank. This creates a high turnover environment which I’ve seen all too much of in other games.


This is true. I’m in a not so active, casual guild. And the damage is concentrated to 3 members. There’re no incentive for casual players to do the blitz

  1. No reward per battle. (Hey as a side idea, can you give us like bronze fuel cells per battle? )
  2. The energy system for the blitz is crazy and needs some rebalancing.
  3. The milestones rewards are hardly incentives.
  4. It’s such a high effort event for minimal to no returns.

IMO, bounties should be reimagined as a glorified boss type event that drops shards and gears. Right now, it just feels so empty and unfulfilling.

And speaking of people leaving, seriously, the 20+ fuel cells, per promotion, per character is nuts. It’s not a healthy progression wall if it can only be farmed in 3 normal nodes with ridiculous drop rate. They should have spread this progress walls to different parts instead of us repeatedly farming in one node for weeks on end.

I’m a little confused at the blitz that you are talking about, if it is the blitz events that we have periodically, they are usually focused on doing other things in the game. This current event is doing co-op raids with a bonus for using Galante, so you are getting rewards for doing the tasks associated with the event, in fact, when the event is active you are technically getting more as you are contributing to the rewards to event.

Your second point I’m still not sure about because it varies for each event, and again, it’s about doing other things in the game, not a separate energy system.

Third, the current one is not a bad tier list, with over 1.5k stamina rewarded if you compete it. This blitz events are not designed to be game changing…you are getting additional rewards for doing tasks you would normally do. This also addresses your 4th point, you are not missing out if you don’t get all the tiers…cooperate with your alliance, do the tasks you normally do and you will periodically get extra rewards for it.

Finally, the fuel cells may seem like a lot, but tier progression for characters are not meant to be an easy task. Would not be a fun game if you could make a character 4 bar gold in a day. High requirements make selecting which character you want to work on a bigger choice to make. I have no problem needing 40 silver cells, you play your missions and will eventually get them, same as hard mode shards for characters.

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how do I create new thread? the galante blitz doesn’t count any coop/gauntlet points for using galante. Is it going to be fixed? @Rook

I tend to agree for the most part about the reasrds vs the amount of play needed to get them. The easiest ones usually require specific fheros which at least half the alliance usually doesn’t have. and you generally need two fully gold teams to make a dent on the event. So most alliances wind up with 5-10 players with decent damage numbers and the rest barely registering because they don’t have enough heros high enough yet. The only reason I do as much as I do is because I had a couple hundred to drop in the game to get started. A strictly free player is lucky to get a single decent team together in 3 months if they don’t waste time on the wrong heros. In the end to earn decent rewards you need to crack top 100 which means 2 pots of coffee and no sleep or a alliance full of paying players.

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