Solo PvP Blitz event rules need an update

i know it ends Feb 6, but the event rules read as follows:

  • Defeat opponents in PvP using Klayton and UAF Airborne Faction Heroes UAF Faction Heroes


At first, this was slightly confusing since Klayton is not a bonus hero. So this looks like the same rules for when he was the main hero.

just saying.

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A few months back they started to give the bonus hero “2 months” The faction changes, but last months hero still counts as a bonus hero. It was that way in bounty as well.

I also see it lists it in Event Rules, but he is not listed under the RULES where it tells you how many points each member is worth, and he is not listed with the bonus hero under the actual PVP even.

Must have been a copy and paste job.

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