Solo Raid Event replay button removal

Is it possible to reprogram the solo raid event so that you can not have the option to replay? I always hit the replay button out of habit even though I want to continue on to the next difficulty level after I beat the current level I’m at. With only 4 days per event and 2 lives per day, if I screw up once and hit replay, I’m unable to advance to the final 8th difficulty level. I doubt anyone ever wants to replay the same difficulty level instead of proceeding to the next one if they can, so if the replay button is removed for this type of raid, I think it would be great.


You can quit a solo event before completing it and it doesn’t use a reset :+1:

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That’s not the issue. I successfully complete the difficulty level and when it finishes and shows you all the frags you earned, it gives you the option to replay the same difficulty level and I always accidentally hit that button since I’m so used to doing it with all the other solo raid and co-op missions.

It’s only 80 gold to reset if you do that though, just got to be more careful haha

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