Razordome - no replay?

A couple of notes about Razordome:

  1. I love this format, it’s really fun to go up against different teams, with each level a little harder than the last (but not as crazy hard as the current last level in Keepers of the Dream)

  2. That badge is sweeeeeet

  3. Why aren’t the stages replayable? I’ve just finished all of them and it says all rewards claimed, but it’s going to keep refreshing for the next 6 days with no opportunity to play further. Seems like a waste!


Shoot I just made a similar thread without noticing this one as I put mine in the general gameplay section. My bad!

Like most things they introduce, this is a trial run to see how this type of raid would work and be preceived by the players. It’s a lengthy raid because it does take 5 days to fully complete and it’s more of an “event” style raid then a daily one. Some other games have these things too, where their is a bunch of tasks that build their rewards to the final one. I personally love the style for it, and wouldn’t be surprised to see more events like it.

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While I agree with everything you said, it takes 2.5 days to complete, since you get one reset every 12h. Just wanted to point that out.

Oh yea crap that’s my bad! I’ve been missing one of those resets cause of life so i assumed it was once a day! So that kinda helps my point a little! If it was only 2 days available I would have missed out on all the rewards!

Thing I’m really annoyed about is that I see 4 raids pending while this raid is still active :sweat_smile::joy:

Yes it’s terrible! :frowning: :slight_smile:
Would love to swap them for additional solo raid runs.

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