Important Changes in 0.8

Greetings Hunters!
Our next update is very big and exciting in many ways! In addition to the PvP Overhaul, we’re improving the overall balance in the game. Here’s some important changes coming to the Heroes and how you obtain them after the 0.8 update.

The first important change is that the majority of our Heroes will have their starting Star Rating adjusted and reduced. This change will only affect new Heroes you obtain and will not affect your current Heroes.


Prophet 9★ → 6★
Odachi 8★ - > 5★
Heckler 7★ → 5★
Steele 7★ → 3★
Pris 3★ - > 2★
Keel 1★ → 2★

The primary reason for this change is to reduce the barrier to entry of Heroes and create a more balanced gameplay experience for everyone. This change creates a consistent, valid grind path towards a competitive experience for all players.

Hero Crates will also see a change and will no longer provide Elemental Fragments when earning a duplicate Hero. We have been closely monitoring our data and discovered that this wasn’t an effective method of earning these fragments. Earning fragments through duplicates did not provide our players with enough notable advantages to improve their team. Don’t worry, these fragments won’t be leaving the game entirely! These valuable items will make for very attractive event rewards that every Hunter can earn.

Not everything is getting reduced, however. Gold will be receiving an increase! After the next update, you’ll notice that Gold Packages in the store will be giving out more Gold!

Stack of Gold: 400 → 450
Briefcase of Gold: 850 → 1,000
Chest of Gold: 2,200 → 2,600
Crate of Gold: 4,600 → 5,600

These changes will make the experience in Hero Hunters more fair and fun for everyone.

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Ok one question to get sure my odachi prophet etc rest at my actual * level and they get not downgrated in my pocket? Only the new one who get them from hero crates?

I read it above but i want get sure xD

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@Vupi, you are correct. Your hero’s star ratings will not change. Only new heroes pulled from the Hero Crate.

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I got a problem with this odachi shouldnt get lower stars he has extremely low health changing it To 5 wil Make him a even easier target (btw i already have him so this does not affect me but still) and prophet should get at least 7 stars if you change him

And are there more heroes with changes like this?

I think it will affect everyone, not just the examples listed. Unless I am misunderstanding

Oh… you’ll always see that people who weren’t able to get Prophet then all of a sudden get him. Kinda unfair. Cuz the difference between the people that got him before the update and after is way too big. At least make it fair and give it a gold spending event before? Just my 2 cents. @Huginn


What is the difference that will be made for hero crates? If you’re not getting fragments anymore, then what are we getting? And if this wasn’t good enough to level our teams, what do you think is?

Did I miss those parts or is it simply not there?

Also… will rewards for pvp and/or gauntlet switch? Added hero fragments you can get? Or will they switch entirely?


How much longerrrrr!

I want my update!!!


W4l is right we Need To get a oppurtunity where we Can get prophet before his star rating is changed otherwise there wil be unfair matches in pvp after the update
And true what wil we get instead? i think that those elemental were way better then what we got before.

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Looks like I started the discussion once again. Lol

I wanna be more like you W4L


@DSD thats not part of that discussion pleas open a new tread “i wanna be like” hahahaha :joy::joy:

@W4L there are some open question about that update… your right!

Whats the point with the fragment? I get wen i open a hero chest only the fragment from that hero it comes out? like befor on a latest version… not a cool change.


Are there changes with the pvp shop can i buy with the pvp gems clyde fragments on the new update?

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by the way thx @Huginn for your effort! we are not a simple coummunity :joy::joy::raised_hands:


@DSD why would u wanna be more like me? Last time I checked ur on top of the leaderboard and you had more power. Soooo I have no idea why you would want to be more like me :blush:

@Vupi at your service bro. There can be only one. Lol

Because you’re a trendsetter!!

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Hahaha, you’re golden DSD.
I’m happy to got to know you :smile:

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@W4L, instead of Elemental Fragments you will get hero fragments. However, if you happen to have a 10 Star hero you will not receive hero specific fragments, you will then receive that hero’s elemental fragment.

If you open a Hero Crate and get Butter you will receive Butter Fragments. If you have Butter at 10 Stars you will get Energy Fragments instead.

PvP and Gauntlet stores will get more focus on what they offer. PvP will be the place you go to get Hero Fragments, Gauntlet is where you will go to get gear for upgrading your heroes.

@Vupi I can confirm that Clyde is still available in the PvP shop in the 0.8 update.

@DSD, the update will become very soon. We’re in the final stretch of the release process.

I’m loving every part you just mentioned.

Every part except the hero specific frags from boxes. You’re gonna hear that alot, i’m afraid.

Why did you guys choose to go back to the old frag system i wonder? The community loves the element frags


Very very displeased to go back to the old system. I was happy it’s gone. And now we’re gonna get it again. In all honesty.,. That’s not giving us any advantage from now. Instead I think it makes it a lot worse. Not a good move. I’m sorry.

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