Help a noob out? :)

I am making this “my” noob thread.

I understand that you can add starts to your heroes once you have enough shards (is that the word?) but my question is: what does it mean to add a star to them? Does it lift som level cap?

I am now level 30, got more heroes than I can focus on (Tapjoy…) but yesterday I picked Ronin up and in game chat people told me to focus on him for a while. I also have Heimlock (Silver) to keep any team going and a few other 5* (two crazy ninjas and Phoenix) that I levelled up to 30 and promoted to Bronze. I will, however, halt my 5* development for a while to let my lower rank heroes catch up.

So Ronin is a good pick? He’s not farmable but at least I should promote him more?

I am also farming for Dogface whenever I can, and Gammond even more seldom.

Here are some of my other heroes, everyone at bronze unless those with * who are silver:

Ryker*, Savage, Steele, Nightingale, Butter*, Baron, Surge, Cross, Sentry, Salvatore, Halo, Clyde, Operator.

While I do try to get them all to level 30 and bronze promotion, is there any special one in the gang that needs additional love?

The star level of each hero increases their base stats like health, damage, and armor much more then items can. You can find those stats by clicking that little information tab to each hero. Your heroes level can only go as high as your profiles level, but increased stars means that hero will be more powerful if you go up against the same one with less stars.

As far as your heroes, it’s all personal preference as some people like specific heroes over other ones. If you like the pvp aspect of the game, look at some of the top teams on the leaderboard to see who they are running to get a good sense of which ones are strong right now. Doesn’t mean you have to have the same team, if there are heroes that are just overall a lot better then others.

To help you out through the districts, it’s probably better for you to focus on 6 specific heroes that you can use to complete the missions. I say 6 because ideally you would want to work on 2 of each element you like and find strong. Missions that have a specific elemental type you will be able to build a team to combat it. (Exm. If he missions has energy heroes you can field a team of 2 mech, 2 energy, and 1 bio. Play to an advantage)

My suggestion is to focus on the heroes you can farm heavily (Clyde, dogface, and gammond are all very strong heroes who can be easily farmed) because it will be easier to get their power up at later levels. Also 5* crate heroes like heim and hideo are great picks as well. But again, it’s up to you who you like the most!


Thank you for lots of great advice.

I feel that promoting a character to Silver is not hard work. Would you suggest promoting as many as possible to Silver and also levelling them up even if they are not my favourites? I recon they might come in handy some time, maybe in the bounty hunting where I have seen that sometimes there is a required character.

Yes you can do that. The jump between silver and gold is a lot bigger then bronze to silver. What I ended up doing is making a solid team all the way up to gold, then made everyone else silver.

Again it’s up to you though, I know people who have to keep all their heroes the same rank while other who only focused on 5 heroes all the way to gold while every other heroes they did t pay attention to.

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I just don’t want anyone in my roster to be -useless-, in case of an emergency Gauntlet run or whatever, so I’m gonna try to max-level each one according to my level and promote them all to silver, while also giving extra love to the ones I rely most on.

My least favourite one so far is Savage. He just doesn’t do anything. And I’m not a fan of those sacrificing their own health to deal damage - what’s the actual gain from this? It’s not like they deal tremendous amounts of damage compared to others that doesn’t self-harm.

Don’t worry if u newbie just simple play story mode hard mode gauntlet coop raids daily pvp etc is east plus hero crate if u have gold BTW I suggest use baron why baron is awesome. Plus upgrade ur heroes from green to gold heroes

I don’t have any love for Baron yet! He’s Silver level 30 but I don’t “feel” him.

U haven’t baron I have op night butter
BTW I suggest use
Dog face
And etc

I got Gammond yesterday. While good he’s not as good as Heimlock (who I got LOTS of fragments of in a 10-pack. I think I can make him 8* but it’s too costly, and yes, I have payed true money already and intend to drop a few bucks each month I’m still enjoying the game). Having Gammond to lead a weaker team in the gauntlet will help!

I also got Dogface to 3* and he’s starting to get pumped. His combination of bronze + silver skill is devastating.

Other than that I mostly run Hideo and Odachi and I’m working on Surge as well. Some of these dudes are going to be my first Gold hero hopefully this weekend or during next week. Who of the aforementioned has a sparkling Gold skill?

I can’t speak for Hideo or Odachi, since I don’t have one and don’t use the other.
Out of the other four, I’d have to say Heimlock’s gold is the best, and Dogface’s is second.

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Thanks. I will consider looking into Heimlock / Dogface for potential gold promotion. :slight_smile:
Heimlock is my absolute main character so having him pumped up will help me in many situations.

Both Hideo and Odachi have some kind of passive boosters as their Gold skills.
Hideo’s skill is called Momentum: Whenever he damages an enemy he will boost his own attack power by 27 (up to a total of 3 charges). I don’t know how high this will scale but let’s say he can get a total boost of 500 near temporary attack power - that’s not bad (but is it gold worthy?)

Odachi’s gold is Blood Pact which means whenever he kills someone he will start to heal himself for a few seconds + reduce incoming damage by 10%.

I would like to see Surge’s gold skill in action - because it sounds good on paper but is it, really?

My opinion/view is that I don’t like Gold skills that rely on other skills, but I love gold skills that help out the whole team.

For example: Heimlock’s Gold skill gives your whole team a health boost right from the get go, it is not reliant on anything else! Great in PvP, Gauntlet and useful in campaign (it has usually worn off by wave 3), co-op and solo raids (again, because it is a 30s thing and those missions often last longer than 30s). So Heim’s Gold fulfils my criteria as a good one to go for (as was advised above).

For me Surge’s gold will be one of the last I ever upgrade, although I can see it might be okay in Raids or campaign. The gold skill only comes into play if you are able to fire AND hit someone with the Gravitron. PvP matches don’t often last much longer than 30-40s and unless you are on the team with the upper hand the number of heros towards the end of the match is less (obviously). For me, what this means is if Surge dies before firing his Gravatron, everything you have invested in his gold skill counts for nothing in that match. The other thing I don’t like about it is that the Gravatron skill seems to take forever to actually fire! The amount of times he’s been charging it up and I’m hit with something that staggers me back and stops the fire process seems to be frequent.

Gammond is arguably the 2nd best healer in the game and is a great dps tank as well, but his gold skill… usless. How many times have you used him in a match and he is your last hero left alive? I would guess probably never, if not never, then probably that has happend to you once in 50 matches. I’ve played the game for 86 days now and I still like to use Gammond regularly (I keep him levelled up and skilled up), but I can’t think of one time he has been my last hero standing in a match! Because of his healing ability and Kill Shot skill any PvP player worth their salt will target him early.

The gold skills I like are: Keel’s, Mandrake’s, Halo’s, Clyde’s, Fortress’, Moss’, Dogface’s, Sentry’s, Phalanx’s, Prophet’s, Savage’s, Salvatore’s. All my opinion and some I haven’t experienced for myself as I don’t have all those heros.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Huge help, Maadmatt!
I have asked around a bit more and I am still not sure whether to get Dogface or Mandrake to Gold first, but I lean towards Mandrake because for my power level I already have a gang of reliant damage dealers. I don’t have much healing assist more than Heimlock and Gammond, so another good healer will give me more gain than a few over powered sniper shots / day. So I’m gonna work Mandrake from Silver to Gold, then let him lead his own team.
Do you also think that Mandrake has good Bronze and Silver skills? I still haven’t pumped bucks into his Silver - does the extra damage scale well?

Baron’s and Nightingale’s sound good aswell (I dont own them at gold, so Im just guessing)

But yeh, Surge’s gold needs too many things to activate. You need to use the skill, hit someone and be lucky to lift that enemy.

I would consider upgrading Surge to gold if it also made lifting chance 100%. But having a gold passive with a 25% to do nothing doesnt appeal to me

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I’m not too fussed on Mandrake’s silver skill, but his gold is well worth it as it helps in all elements of the game. I would go for him after Heim (although I get that you then have two gold Bio’s, but hey, they are too good!)

Dogface’s gold is good as it can trigger at anytime and works with his basic attack and both of his other skills, so worth upgrading him as well.

Just for completion and because you probably want an Energy hero to add to your priority list. Looking back at who you said you have I would go for Halo. I love healers, and Halo’s Gold can help out your whole team (except the one who drops below 50%) and just adds to her value.

As a bit of an aside, I hate taunt skills, all they seem to do is get the hero taunting killed quicker! Eg. Butters group shield is great, but when he activates his bronze, his shield is too weak and he gets killed! I would guess Baron’s gold would have a similar consequence.

I actually started to give Halo some bucks during the all-female PVP event but I stopped when I realised I wouldn’t have time to pump her properly during the short event anyways. But she looks good; her Silver seems to be doing a decent amount of damage and cool Gold as well. I’ll put her in the priority list.
I also read her Platinum is S I C K however I expect a nerf before I am ready for promote her that high. :slight_smile:

TBH I haven’t paid much attention to the platinums! When I worked out that you have to do gold+4 before platinum I decided I needed to invest my time and resources in first getting all my heros to silver, then working through the ones I wanted to be gold. I’m still not there yet with all the ones I want to make gold.

For how long should I expect to keep grinding loot for getting someone from Silver to Gold?
I have played the campaign up until chapter 6 and managed to 3* the entire chapter 5. I should be able to complete chapter 6 (but probably not 3* it).

Grinding to get from silver to gold. In terms of days it takes me 3-5 I think, per hero. You need over 100 pieces of equipment for each bar/stripe in silver and bear in mind that some of those items need to be constructed from 3-10 other items, it can take a bit of time.

Personally I don’t think the grind is too bad in this game (it is certainly a lot better than some other games I’ve played) and actually, what you don’t see happening is as you’re grinding to level up one hero, you’re picking up items for other heros that you might upgrade in the future. I can’t remember a time when I’ve gone to upgrade an element and I have 0 of any of the items I need.

To be honest, I can’t remember about the move from Ch5 to Ch6 :thinking: What I do remember is that there are times when you have to take a break from campaign progression to level up. If you get to a point where you need an item that is the potential reward for a mission that is locked and you can’t beat that mission, power/level five heros as far as you can get them and then you should be able to pass the level.

I have definitely played games with worse grund (COUGH COUGH MARVEL PUZZLE QUEST COUGH) where even top payers still haven’t been able to max out the high rank characters they started receiving 3 years ago.