Ruby Tier?

As I look through bounties I see a lot of Plats with multiple stripes, one in particular with 4, so does that mean we will see a new teir of promotions (if I spelled Tier wrong tell me)

You can level your own heros to Platinum 5 Bards right now.

They won´t introduce another tier soon, sinceI haven´t seen a Platinum +3 hero yet. Maybe they will never do.

No, you need lvl75 to have a plat 3 and level 85 for next plat 4. So it will be a while until we see that in the game.

@Nailfox, is it really capped at that lvl?

Yes, Im 73 myself and can’t upgrade a plat to 3 bars yet, got a team mate lvl75 with plat 3 and he cant go 4 bars until lvl 85.


Thanks, didn’t knew this

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I think this a good limit, I have so many other heroes I want to upgrade as well and that keep us away from going all inn on a few heroes.

So the first maxed out hero will be in half a year earliest. Thats good, gives me some time to catch up :yum:

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