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I saw recently you guys were asking for suggestions on what direction to take now main story arc is done. How about a kind of gallery, access dependent on your account progress?

For example if you have completed up to end of area 5, you can see all the cut scenes up to that point. I’m thinking it plays out as a small video. I’m currently at end of campaign and can’t remember all the earlier story.

Maybe it’ll get folks creative juices flowing but either way it would be a nice feature or semi-reward to see the story play out as a video kinda thing.


Absolutely! I’d love it if they could release a gallery of never before seen artwork or sketches of characters, locations, etc. from their art department. Some games have galleries you can view just for the heck of it, would be nice to have that here.

And more lore. Like, some actual written backstories of heroes and/or recaps of the events within the story at the end of a chapter or something. With so much thought put out on each hero, I can’t believe the lore part is still something we are begging for.


I agree, I love stories honestly and if they could add them to this game it’d be awesome

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Alternating hero spotlight backstory missions would be awesome. Like how ryker lost his eye, when shivs and shank broke out prison, how klayton lost his arms, ETC, ETC.


Do you recall a videogame series called Twisted Metal? There would be various story development snippets that included someone’s voice reading them in the background, but they were static images stitched together to appear like a comic. Something like that would be SICK here for this game!

Twisted metal black was a really dark game. It best one out of all of them

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