What if there was a second part of the game where this stories continues, or there was another story with something similar?

There could be greater odds and story, if there were some personal links. And devs, I could really help in making the second game.


This topic would be better off in general discussions, and sorry, i don’t think you can really help them with a second part of the game, ill let the devs speak

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I’m all for “another chapter.” I also think the devs should take our suggestions and ideas of which direction these heros need to overcome and conquer!

They can’t, even if they’d like to.
They would go against copyright issues.

Ideas and suggestions can be given, but never expect them to be accepted.


Yes, you do have a very good point there. However, here’s a thought, someone had to write the original storyline for HH, If he/she or them got together once again and wrote an additional storyline then I wouldn’t think copyright laws would be broken in any way.
Like I said, just a thought. But, if it cannot be done, that’s ok, I still love this game!

Interesting point.
The problem is that whoever created the story works for HotHead and it’s obvious that they don’t go against copyright.

Unless you get hired, you could never, ever “help” them, and even if they do, they won’t put you to work on the game right away because you don’t have experience.
and having good will isn’t enough.

I could provide the devs with the story.

Very good point, no experience no job, no job then no experience. Vicious life circle there.
Sometimes though you would think that Hot Head Games would want to have “real life” experiences. I spent a good part of a decade in the military, until I was injured. I have experiences that would make great hero concepts as well as breaking new ground Towards a new direction that HHG could take this game.
Trust me, it’s not because I’m bored with this game, because I’m not. I really do enjoy it! I was just thinking if they were considering a new storyline I would love to put my real life experiences into the mix.

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