What if they gave a backstory to the factions?

After playing the for a while I’ve noticed you don’t really give much of a backstory for the factions. I know a little about the UAF and KLG. I know the Morlocks are in the sewers and the Rangers are an elite mercenary group, but what about the People’s Guard, Patriots, Magistrates and so on? Literally know nothing about them. Maybe it would just be a waste of time for developers but I’m just spitballing ideas here.


@Dominique_Whitfield good idea man! Maybe they should have a “Lore” section in the game which tells the stories of the Heroes, Elements, and Factions.

Hotheads get your best writers and make it happen :slight_smile:

In a post, a dev gave us a small info on factions (Like the fact that Cross used to be a Morlock but got kicked for breaking the rules)

They will eventually expand the lore of factions. I believe that they are just focusing on balancing the game first.

These backstories can be a source of campaign side missions.

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