Strange profanity message

Ummmm, ‘alliance’ is not allowed in our alliance message lol
Can you please fix this?

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I had this same problem a while back. Its the combination of ‘an alliance’ in the motd phrase. (An al)liance to be more specific. The game thinks you’re trying to get around the profanity filter.


Ha. Best to just reword it so you don’t get the error.

The filter works great in other languages.

Cumpleaños (birthday) is not allowed because of ‘cum’. There are a few Spanish words that are censored because they ‘include’ English insults/bad words .

Haha, same thing with Swedish. The word “slut” is a typical one. Means “over” in Swedish, so it gets censored quite a bit. :grin:

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I added an explicit whitelist rules for “alliance” and “cumpleaños”

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Thanks Huginn! That’s great :smiley:

gotta say it’s nice to see that the devs jumped right on this one. now what about slut? lol