Wow, I really suck at keeping myself inside an Alliance

At this point, I should just start advocating for bonuses for completely solo players. One part of me says, “screw them, they were trash anyway,” while another part of me says, “you’re just a lurking piece of sh-t, you know that right?” Honestly, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. :confused:

Anyhow, I’m lonely (yet again), and I’m looking for a new Alliance to talk smack in.

In-game name is:

  • L U R K E R (one space in between the letters; all caps).

oof rip, harsh life, it do be like that some times

It’s usually my fault, to be honest. Mostly because I go to the Alliance chat and say something dumb that ticks off one of the other members or officers. I mean I follow their activity rules but then something I slips out into chat and suddenly the whole Alliance is after me.

How many more “oof’s” do you have in there for me?

Maybe you can start your own alliance now?


I’m with Ulfpam here. Maybe you’d be better off starting your own alliance.

Sounds like you’re using a language that’s just not appropriate. So maybe if you a few like-minded person in your own alliance, you could be yourself more.

Personnally, i don’t enjoy profanities or vulgar talk. So i block those from chats wherever i encounter them.

I wouldn’t kick you out unless i got complaints from others in the alliance as you’d be muted on my screen