Update 5.7 — Voltage


Our name is DECA Games and we’re the fastest release producers alive. To the outside world we’re an ordinary game development company, but secretly with teams we fight the game code to produce the fastest release possible. We are the DECA Games. :zap:

Jokes aside, the update will be here real soon! Both Android and iOS are in review.
Let’s see what’s new?

Introducing: Voltage: The Electric Combatant


  • Common: Azure
  • Rare skin: Prototype
  • New Mythic Skin for Ursus: Valve

Featured Faction:
UAF Airborne
The Watch

Special Events:
The VERY VERY late Easter Scavenger Hunt with new thematic skin as the main reward.

PvP Tournaments
New PVP Season
New Raids
Co-op Raids
Alliance Wars

Hero changes:
Elite Rifleman — General Stats Increase and abilities stats increase.

How about some numbers? Please keep in mind all numbers are applied to the hero level 100.

General Stats (old and new values):

Power: 31,406 vs 36,774

Health: 907,975 vs 939,425

Damage: 64,648 vs 76,449

Armor: 5,262 vs 5,558

Damage Per Second: 86,501 vs 117,269

Damage Per Shot: 14,368 vs 19,479

Ability Increase: The platinum ability now gives 100% more health than previously!

Yeager — General Stats Increase.

General Stats (old and new values):

Power: 33,524 vs 34,924

Health: 869,000 vs 905,237

Damage: 53,137 vs 57,151

Armor: 5,399 vs 5,547

Damage Per Second: 98,757 vs 105,629

Damage Per Shot: 17,115 vs 18,305

Not this time :wink:

Misc and Fixes:

Patrol Alliance Limit increased from 100 to 150 based on Community feedback.
Fixed a visual bug with wrong team power numbers on some missions in District 9 and District 10.
Added SFX on the Hero Screen of Spewage.
Minor bugs fixed, mainly quality of life improvements.

Time for an electric charge! :zap:


Ursus mythic skin. Nice


Love this change!
Buffs look great too, and likening the potential skin for Ursus.

Quick question, is that gif at the end what we will see when we click on Voltage in game? Or will she be in the same “street” area as the other heroes like normal?

If I could suggest one thing though, this post feels very wordy. A big block of text almost. Perhaps break it up a bit, or possibly add some more visuals? But besides that, happy for the content in the update. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Got the feedback, will make it more readable - sure!
Thank you! :heart:

As to the Voltage - she will appear on the usual location. This one is a special gift from game masters :smiley:


Update looks awesome. If it packs out without too much bugs this seems like it was worth the waiting! One of my favorite heroes is getting a mythic skin hehe!

Just one thing i’d like to mention.
Be carefull with buffing general campaign heroes. Riflemans are often found in flocks. Buffing their stats. While not that harmfull may cause issues for lower players.

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Bro one humble request pls available serial in any crate…

No nerfs? Well hopefully stygia will get a nerf next time, I’m willing to wait at this point, as it’s all I have been doing, please take into consideration the her stun and sheild should have a cooldown at least, none the less, EGG HUNT! YOOOO!

Man stop man…stop with nerf stygia…please


I am a spokesperson for the people, and also, I will stop once she is balanced, as of now, she isn’t, many people want her nerfed more than those who don’t, also,

Great Update Deca!!! Really amazed at what y’all can do!!!

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Next time buff Sentry, from top bottom tier to top high tier.


I have to agree with basher, stygia is a huge pain and has little counters and shreds hard. Reminds me of when Panzar got released.

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Man I upgraded panzer back in the day, and always wondered why I put her past green lol

Appointing yourself as a “spokesperson of the people” is a bold move. Nobody asked. You don’t represent others.

At this point it’s just crying for a nerf. And saying “I will stop once she is balanced” is pretty much saying you will just spam. We gave you a thread that had example teams if how to take her out if you struggle, but you refuse to listen.

Back on topic, can’t wait to get the new hero. She sounds promising. And a mythic skin i can’t wait.

Can’t wait to see what the alt skin for Voltage looks like.


Ik ik, sorry pal, I’ll try to keep that kind of stuff in the other thread, just replying to a guy, and only brought her up as there are no nerfs this update

Edit: think of me as the Lorax, I speak for the people who want skill over lineup

I’m not sure who you refer to with “the people”
But i think you speak for yourself. You take on all these arguments mostly on your own. And now slowly, but surely bringing that topic here…again.

You do not have to speak for others. You. Have. Spoken. The devs have heard you, you’ve made YOUR point clear. Please just stop before measures have to be taken on this. I know you don’t want to be the organizer for all this chaos. But currently you are the one creating, and also sustaining it. Every single message almost has a way of pointing at your opinion that you shove into everyone’s face. It has to stop sometime bud.
Litteraly every single message you apologize. Apologizing has NO point if you don’t learn/cease to do what causes you to apologize.
Sit back wherever you are and take a breather. I garuantee it will help


I mean seriously, that +120% damage received doesnt mean anything when you have a 3m shield

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Update looks good. Happy to see ursus mythic.
Will cyphon get a mythic too in near future? :wink:
Would love to see mk6 platinum and ruby mk 6, 5 ,4 and 3 available in hard and extreme campaign missions.
Also looking forward to gilded event; min sim.

Now we can see why voltage took so long. Animation shows new location and the sky has a new effect

Un grand merci DECA j suis impatient de voir le skin mythique de Ursus. Question pour DECA: Y a t’il un Raids pour les Grenades Rubis? Exp; grenade bronze, grenade Argent, grenade platine dans gorgon.

my young man when I post my opinions I speak for myself I never spoke on behalf of anyone…otherwise if you put a research topic asking who wants stygia nerf you will see that you will be defeated shamefully so to avoid this episode STRIVE TO IMPROVE YOURS HEROIS…it’s time for you to change and start talking about improving heroes instead of asking for nerf, ask for buff…it’s more honorable and more beautiful for you

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