Suggestion: New pvp bracket

Pvp tournaments and brawls are fun mode of the game when it comes to ranking rewards.
And players can obtain more rewards if they achieve more points in their current bracket.

With updates that increase team level, I would like to suggest making new pvp bracket after champion bracket.

Why I am suggesting this:

First let us look at the total levels the players can enter in each existing brackets:

  1. Rookie (1~13): 13 levels total
  2. Competitor (14~41): 28 levels total
  3. Challenger (42~59): 18 levels total
  4. Champion (60~90): 30 levels total

We can see that Champion bracket has the widest level entrance for players.

Here is the second reason: Creating a new bracket may divide players between max leveled players and players who have reached level 60, so the players of level 60 will have lesser pressure on getting better ranking rewards compared to their previous bracket rewards while max leveled players can compete for better rewards in a new bracket, and both players of level difference can have easier time in rising high in rank. (It’s not easy to rise high in current champion bracket when there are so many players competiting in a same bracket)

Here’s the poll if you want to agree or disagree:

  • Yes, create a new pvp bracket for better rewards and easier rising in rank.
  • No, the current brackets are better with the way it is.

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It’s a suggestion, I don’t mind if you disagree :wink:


Rather than creating dif brackets by levels; the brackets should be by power.

something along this line

rookie : 0-10K
intermediate : 10-100k
challenger: 100k - 350k
expert: 350k and above


Definitly agree with this I believe it is being looked at according to dev from game chat when I asked about this. But this was also about 6 months ago as well and is still the same. But I think there should be another bracket somewhere in there.

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Personally adding a bracket will not affect me because I would stay in the top end no matter what. But I do agree this is needed. All I ask is if another bracket is added, it a higher level one with more rewards.



  • A member in our Alliance will not level up past 60 only to stay in a specific bracket… I told them they can not stay 60 forever😂

*I feel @NyrisWintersteel has presented the “New pvp bracket” using relative game related logic significant to PVP game play!

Great Suggestion

Thanks for all your dedication for us Hero Hunters! :raised_hands::raised_hands::tada:

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Poll closed!

Here are my last words about new pvp bracket as this topic dies in peace: I enjoy playing pvp the most in this game because of non-p2w team synergies. But it gets really tiring if the rank reward range is short and so many good players compete at the same boat to place themselves in the higher range.

And thank you everyone for voting and expressing what you think of this topic! : )

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A yes-vote from Huginn! :eyes:

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