Summer Hero Showdown on Facebook!

Hello Hunters!

This summer we’ve decided to pit our Heroes against each other in our Summer Hero Showdown! Starting today, June 10th, 2019, we we’ll have two Heroes go head to head each day on our Facebook page! Vote for your faves and make sure your top pick comes out ahead of the rest!

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I don’t have Facebook so I won’t be voting, but Godlante better win.


Well? :joy:



PoSt mUsT bE aT lEaSt 20 oR mOrE lEtTeRs!

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Avoiding the real questions.




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Choose wisely…

I hate you all you are destroying my life ao I install this …

Just a suggestion devs, I know it’s random, but can you pitch Briar and Nightingale here?

We’ll have to see how the brackets go! You’re correct though SuddenCommander, it is random, so we can’t guarantee match ups. Maybe the community will vote for those heroes and they end up getting matched up!