Summer Hero Showdown: How do they react?

So the Summer Hero Showdown on facebook has been going on for more than a week now. How could our heroes have reacted to the results?
Disclaimer: all statements are FOR Laughs. They do not reflect anything canon and are not to be taken seriously.
Day 1: Odachi vs Oracle
Winner: Odachi
Odachi: Of course my victory is inevitable. Comparing me and Oracle is like comparing Gojira and Mothra!
Oracle: You mean you’re the king and I’m your queen? (smiles)
Odachi: Don’t put it like that!

Day 2: Cross vs Mauler
Winner: Mauler
Cross: I can’t believe I lost to that bearded hippie! (gulps shot of wine,then throws the glass)
Mauler: Hey, keep doing that and I’ll throw you out of my club!

Day 3: Ghoul vs Moss
Winner: Ghoul
Moss: How could this be? I give up my health to heal and you pick that pyromaniac over me?!
Ghoul:(sobs) I won a poll! I can’t believe it!

Day 4: Brogan vs Heckler:
Winner: Heckler
Brogan: What!? A junkpile of a convict won over me! How could this happen?!
Heckler: Hey, who’re you calling a junkpile, you old fart?
Brogan: Old fart? (cocks gun) You want a fight, bastard?
Heckler: Bring it on Beardo!!!

Day 4: Savage vs Matador
Matador: Hahaha! Gracias my amigos! I couldn’t have won without you!
Savage: (looks up from game) Hmm, I lost the poll? Oh wells… (returns to game)

Day 5: Kurtz vs Baron
Winner: Kurtz
Kurtz: Etch this into your mind, Baron. You and your Colonel will never win, for I fight for the greater good!
Baron: True. You win for now. But someday, I will be powerful, and you will…
(his speech is cut short by Kurtz’s Execute)

Day 6: Jarek vs Galante
Winner: Jarek
Jarek: Well, how about that! You really are only good for making coffee! (smashes coffee machine)
Galante: (watching from afar) Someday, I will avenge you brother…

Day 7: Siren vs Kaishi
Winner: Siren
Siren:…( words can’t be heard due to loud music)
Kaishi. :roll_eyes:
That’s it for the first week. I might make one for the second one


The brackets are randomized with no seeding, so that should lead to some interesting matchups!

If you do the math, there are about 70 matches to get through before we crown a winner!


i know. Can’t wait for the others!