Super curious as to what tccaw lineup was?! looking for someone who had played him or her!

I thought it would be super simple to find someone who has played him or her (having the biggest score I’ve ever seen and byby a crazy amount!!) but cant!! I have to know this genius combination of heroes! I can’t even imagine a good team from those basic heroes let alone best team ever! I always thought there must be other tactics to play…so come on someone spill the beans!! I do understand why there is some suspicion like his LAST ON saying it was 2 days ago when the event ended 6 hours ago, that sort of thing is confusing to me, but the dev’s say its IMPOSSIBLE to cheat! We should trust that there is actually somebody who does know what’s going on behind the scenes. And no conspiracies please. My theory is that someone has revolutionized tactics, created a second account, (it is 200+ days old, and his VIP level is 12+) spent the gold to get the specific heroes, and then create an entire mystery surrounding the whole thing. Like I said genius. It is because of this type of new tactic, that they have not nerfed ronin…we are slow to catch on!! So please to somone’s best ability of recollection, what was the lineup???

To be honest,
revolutionized tactics don’t help much when you have level 11 silver guys fighting against level 85 platinum+5’s.

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Hero rank & skill are equalized for Draft :wink:

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Doh! Thanks for clearing it up for me. I don’t play the draft things.

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I posted this first cause I was there when it happened (tbh, I was trying to be Top 1, but It was impossible because some factors I’m gonna explain now) and it was very weird.

I started playing on Saturday about 6-7 PM, I played for about two hours and got top 8 position.

So, here are the first weird things:

-Obviously, this TCCguy did not even figure on top 200.
-In order to become top 8, I had to be playing for 2 hours without stoping or even a break. Why? Cause once you become top 30 or higher, it takes a lot of time to match you against someone (I guess it tries to find a player with a similar rank).
-I didn’t find or even saw a clear 100 % wining team. Even stronger teams for these PVP (Siren+Halo, Kurzt+Ronnin, Panzer+Phalanx or weird Kunochi-Savage-etc) had a clear counter. Stronger teams were Siren, Kurzt or Panzer and guess what? TTCGuy does not have even one of them.

So I went to sleep and started the game again on Sunday about 9-10 PM (GMT-5) and this guy was not even on top 200. I did my thing and played PVP again 45 minutes before the event finished in order to at least stay on top 10.

What was my surprise? There was a no alliance guy a an incredible 1k gap with top 2 (Kurzt). First I thought there were some rewards for lower levels for beating higher levels (which would make no sense since all heroes and skills are the same for everybody).

My another thought was about a guy who spend many hours on the game, with an invencible team and every single one top 30 went online on that time, cause, as I said before, higher than top 20 it take about 1-2 minutes to match you with somebody.

Maybe he/she didn’t cheat. How this guy got a lot of points?

Is there a system which rewards these lower levels? I mean, in that case it’d be cheating cause he/she know how the system works and it’s holding this account to this low level. (The account is more than 220 days old).

Half a year and level 11? Really?
So he/she learnt in a day how to make counter teams to any other team whit just 14 heroes (4 of them really useless on this meta)? And most important; he/she found a team which can beat a Siren team faster than she activates her bronze, a team which can resist Kurzt skills, a team which is able to resist first Panzer shots wave? Absolutely impressive.

In any case, some people are trying to protect this account cause they’re blocking any thread we write about this.

Extra points: This TTCguy has some portraits…unlocked on beta. Wow, what a coincidence.

Don’t confuse your self people, I will just mention this, I get into top 10 ranking, I wanted to play more but game didn’t find a opponent for hole 5 minutes, then it found a opponent which he was in top 10, if that guy wasn’t online I’m not sure that I could get a opponent or not.
I’m assuming when you get into top 10-20 you gonna face player’s from top 20, and if it’s not true why I didn’t face a random opponent? Why I had to play against top 10 ranked player’s?

I’m wondering how he get there without facing us :man_shrugging:t2:

Woah. if this guy used cheats, why hasn’t he been banned?

No point in asking/accusing someone here when they aren’t present

Another reminder: everybody go and read the FAQ. No witch hunts allowed.

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