PVP Brawl Attack of the Buggers!

Attack of the Buggers!
DEVS. You’ve been OWNED!

#1 in PVP Brawl!

Heroes 14
Total Power 4704
Top 5 Heroes Power 2236

What’s up with this?

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I have my suspicions too. However.

Even if he only has 14 heroes to choose from, they are still all set to lvl 60, platinum, and 8 stars like everyone else. Another thread showed Tccaw’s heroes and to be honest, he does have some of the essentials.

Let’s try to quantify this: one win gives you 15 valor points (idk if that ever changes because I only do 3 matches lol), and you start at 1,500 valor.

2,811 minus 1,500 equals 1,311
1,311 divided by 15 equals 87.4

He would need 88 wins (ignoring the fact there must have been losses). I hope some hardcore PVP players can give me their opinion on this, but that doesn’t seem too out of reach to me; even though the Draft is 24 hours, hero lives don’t exist in this mode. Someone with a LOT of time on their hands could probably pull it off.


He hasn’t logged in for 19 hours and the tournament ended one hour ago.

Assuming what you said is true, then he had to do it in a span of 5-6 hours. Also not all wins give 15 valor so calculation is a bit off.

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I have won 20 brawl battles in half an hour before, So i won’t say it is impossible for him to do that.

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