New video: The big secret to winning with Col. Wesson

Hey all, seriously appreciate everyone checking out my YouTube channel and the support since the channel opened up a couple of weeks ago. I’m not doing this to get famous lol (doubt that would ever happen).

I’m just hoping to help those who are looking to learn and get better at the game like I am.

This next video shows a team with Wesson that was actually winning, and basically one big piece of advice on how to win with him on your team - plus some other PvP tips and gameplay.

Thanks for checking it out! Let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover and I’ll try to do that.

Click here to see “The Secret of Winning with Wesson” video

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Don’t see “Not Clickbait” in the title. Putting “Not Clickbait” is essential for Youtube views.


Nice vid thought, dude, really enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing more!

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Haha…I mention it in the video though. I do reveal the secret so it’s not a lie!

Thanks for watching!

Apparently the secret is to not control him



Haha…!! That image pretty much sums it up.

For Bounty you better control him or he’ll ALWAYS activate his silver skill when all minions are dead and the bounty target is about to take off to the next segment.

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Yes for sure! This only applies to PvP. For bounties, it’s a whole different approach.

ive been debating on whether or not to level him up past plat however I’m waiting to see if they are going to nerf him first.

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Why would they nerf him? :confused:

I’m not sure he’s overpowered like other new heroes so hopefully they don’t make him any worse.

I feel like his silver ability is slightly too strong and also if you have any other uaf character out, then all heros gets his plat ability. I think its a glitch or that may be how it was intended

I definitely don’t agree that his Silver skill is too strong. Given that his Bronze skill is utter poop and that he needs his Gold passive to make Silver decent it should maybe even bee a bit stronger?
Hideo does more damage with his Bronze skill and it charges faster AND he has a really good Silver skill as well.

The Platinum thing sounds peculiar, I don’t have my Wesson at Platinum yet.

The plat ability applying to all heroes is definitely a glitch right now that I’m sure will be fixed. But that’s not exactly a nerf.

Other than that I think he’s a pretty balanced hero.

Nerf? :sweat_smile:

Please not, then he’s going in the shame corner, he needs more damage, or quicker reloads in skills

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