Super Hero Crate!

Hi friends… What you get from Super hero crate…
I opne 4 crate and gets…

60 moss fragments

Fischer new hero

60 Mauler fragments

60 one other player fragments…

For me no super hero… Hope you all gets best!!

1 Crate. 60 Fischer.
Who is Miller?

It’s Mauler bro… Sorry for wrong typing

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OK! No probs. :slight_smile:
Mauler is good, also Moss is good so your 4 crates were pretty neat!

You open any crate bro?

opened 3 + 1 free
60 x SURGE
60 x BOLT

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Always that Surge. Everywhere!

i nvr use him in any form of battle. have him 6 star … is he any good?

No, he’s sad, depressing and hopeless but at least he pops up whenever you open a crate so he’s fairly easy to star up. :slight_smile: I have a 8* Surge at Platinum but I don’t think he brings much to the battle. His perma-rooting skill is nice but not awesome.

Salvatore and oracle both are good bro…

I open 10x (till tier 10).
Got Oracle, Fischer, Francois, Bolt and Oro as New heroes.
Rest were duplicate feagments (of Bolt, Hivemind, Moss etc).

Both fun, good and bad!
Oracle’s is great! New heroes are fun! But Fischer, Bolt, Oro and Francois don’t really awesome currently. Hopefully that will change. :slight_smile:

I opened only one crate (I’m poor lol) and I found Flatline (New Hero). I was near to unlock her by frags, though.

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salvatore is currently at 5 star but skills are in lvl1. only use him in guantlet . currently focusing on ifrit and fortress may be ll work on him later

anyone who knows me will tell you Moss is amazing :stuck_out_tongue: and he may not be #1 in any tier list (he’s still near top) he’s #1 in my heart.

As for Mauler… people don’t give him the credit he’s due, and he’s definitely frequently underrated… yes his damage is not quite as high as dedicated Damage Primary heroes (like Panzer, Odachi, Dogface, Clyde, Bolt, Prophet, Artemis) but he trades some of his damage output for amazing disruption abilities (easy to apply Disorients and Stuns)

Salvatore is also another good option for silencing and having a tough DPS character (who trades some Damage for Silence and toughness). and at Plat he can boost up his fellow BioChem heroes Damage (I think including himself?) but he’s probably second tier in PvP atm, not first tier.

Oracle is a great support, that’s not “in meta” atm… but still insanely strong and viable if you don’t want to follow the full Revive-healer trend/meta that’s going on atm at high level play.

Bolt is like a Discount Clyde/Dogface… great damage, he’s effectively Mech’s Sniper character. He probably is (like Clyde) a little underrated due to the prominence of Panzer and Dogface.

Surge… he’s… um… overdue for a TLC pass? idk (I agree that Surge is fairly weak atm, and hopefully the Devs will spruce him up among other super underpowered heroes soon) I guess the one positive thing you can say about him is that he probably has the most CC in the game… so can help your slow moving abilities hit (like Yanlong Mortar, Beck Grenade or Cross Poison Rain)… but idk if that’s enough to make him viable in PvP.

Francoise is another one of those “need TLC” heroes… tho I believe on paper her abilities/numbers are strong… I just don’t like her drinking so long.

Oro is in an odd spot… he does really well against stealth teams and his stun is annoying as hell, and I think he has good damage output for a frontliner, he’s just very much out of the meta currently. (he’s got the most reliable “blast everyone including stealthed heroes” ability in the game)

Fischer I don’t use all that much, as I personally have biochem damage primary heroes I like to use more… he probably could use a stats buff.

Flatline is Tier 1, fully in the meta atm, she’s a cornerstone to the Reviver Regen Wall meta that’s in full swing atm. (but not overpowered because she has known “in meta” counters like Panzer and Dogface.


Opened only 1, got Odachi (new for me), since im just returning to play idk if he is any good and stuff, so would like to get help :smiley:


Odachi is one of the best damage per second dealers in the game and as Gold he also becomes a bit more durable. At Platinum he is silly strong. A favorite of mine.

Flatline is awesome bro…and don’t be sad bro… Heroes fragments more important because stars increase power of your hero…


I opened two 10x hero crate the night before the super hero crate so Im a bit gold poor now. But I managed to open 4 SH crates with:

2 Heimlock
2 trash (operator, bolt if Im not mistaken)

Still worth it hahaha super hero crate is the best deal in the game. Haha

Oprater is good in low level pvp bro

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