Super Hero Crate All Tiers

It’s ya 3rd favorite VIP 0 boi Nham. I had 8.5k gold sitting around and was able to do all tiers of the superhero crate! :smiley:

I uploaded it on youtube for all to view. If the video goes too fast for you to see what’s going on set the speed to x 0.5.

Pretty mediocre draw all around, but just glad the crate is back! :smile::smile:


For those who are interested it take 8.4k gold to get all tiers, but it’s definitely worth it. Best deal in the game for the patient.

Nice! I could only do 10 but so much more worth it than regular 10x hero crates

The Phalanx frags were turned in to the heronium in the pic

Nice! That oracle, I really want!

Yeah I finally got a new hero from a crate pull. I’m still missing Artemis, Prophet and Francoise. The first two bother me so much. I don’t know how many crates I have opened but it has to be a lot in my soon 500 days playing.

Gets 9 5* out of 40 crates

That’s 22.5% of the boxes. The chances to get a 5* is just 12.5%


Who doesn’t love Oro? :smiley:

Love him! I’m actually getting him to plat right now. And with the healing meta he doesn’t actually suck. Maybe because it’s not a tournament but still quite fun

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Damn, Steele and Oro are outperforming and almost nobody noticed

Yeah I’m all about Steele now.

In my opinion, i’m going to skip this super hero crates offer for now, and spend my golds for upgrading next month’s new hero. I’m really aware if my spent golds become vain if i get useless dupes and not getting any 5 stars and 7 stars xD

Most heroes in hero crates are really not meta-useful except mandrake, caine, flatline, heimlock and razorback etc, but i will just keep saving my golds to 5 digits to raise the new hero for major bonuses.

:galante: :porg: :galante:

Have fun.

Ha thanks.

Also good pull you got there.