The number of crates currently in game

I have gotten to the dreaded section of the guide where I need to talk about and break down the crates, I have done tokens and that’s all up to date for now. I have made a list of the current 23 crates in game, please do let me know if I have missed one!

1.Silver crate
2.Gold crate
3.Hero crate
4.Feature crate
5.Step-up crate
6.Gorgon Downfall crate
7.Skin crate
8.Gilded crate
9.Mechanical crate
10.Energy crate
11.Biochem crate
12.Frontline crate
13.Midline crate
14.Rearline crate
15.7* crate
16.5* crate
17.Most Wanted crate
18.Vault crate
19.Special Skin crate
20.Faction crate
21.Bounty crate
22.Razordome crate
23.Custom crate


Looks about right!

But wait till you do the currencies and how to get them. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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@Gale you forgot the Super Hero Crate… The most amazing crate you’ll ever get, yet its up to them if they will release it or not… its been a year i haven’t seen it…

I think those crates have been retired

Super Hero Crates were the best. Feelsbatman

Umm… What is superhero crates? What’s the content?

@TrialZee Its a tiered crate that gives you 3-7* heroes but the good part about this crate is when you reach tier 4 (or 3 i think) will give only cost you 1 gold. yes 1 GOLD only…

Wooow… They should release this kind of crates again… Lol…

I do not quite understand the meaning behind this list
(small mistake:)

These crates alternate, so they will never appear at the same time

The meaning of the list is to identify every type of crate in the guide so i can explain them in the guide as well as if they are worth buying, what rewards can be found in what crates and which ones to save gold for etc.

Let me know when you are done, I would like to have a look at your opinion on the individual crates

Don’t worry I will make a forum post when the guide is done :slight_smile:

thanks @Gale, helping newcomers :slight_smile:

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Sure. But I would cancel subscription to it as soon as you activate it just in case you don’t like it and forget later to cancel

You are missing the PVP Crate, Gilded Heroes crate and Forge Fantasy crate

This thread is over 2 years old, not sure why it has been revived…

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А где эти ящики?

Oh. I thought it was revived because you were updating your guide or something. :slightly_smiling_face: