Targetting Functionality (in auto play and regular play)

It would be great if, in auto mode and, ideally, in normal mode, a ‘targetting’ button existed.

The function of said button would be to set a target, not for the ‘current’ hero (like tapping does for the current auto-play targetting), rather the button allows for setting a target for the non-selected heroes. Such functionality would allow players to direct most heroes to concentrate on one target (eg a bounty or a particular boss) while the player can pick off other enemies.


  1. I often use Surge in bounties and instead of lifting the bounty up 2 or 3 times per run, it’s rare he does it even once per run. This ould be useful for heroes like him where an ability is wasteful for small enemies (eg surge’s lift) or overkill (eg Sentry’s snipe) and really ought to be used on big baddies instead.

  2. On the last leg of a bounty, you want your heroes to go all out on that bounty, but instead, they’re looking around at the auto-replacing small guys instead. Taps ‘target’ button taps bounty smiles contently

  3. You’re playing the campaign and you want to prevent a boss from getting his ability off while you take down some other enemies. Setting a target for Sentry and co would allow you to have that base covered while you do the other work

  4. In a bounty, you have a 5x bonus on one player. A logical tactic is to pick off the side players to ensure the non-player heroes all focus on the bounty. With this you could now enforce this as an actual rule :slight_smile:

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This could be a way to seriously increase the impact of Taunt. As it stands, Taunt is a bit underwhelming, but if such a function existed that allowed you to tell the other heroes to what to shoot at, and Taunt disabled it, that would significantly increase the disruption caused by heroes with that ability.

+1 to this idea.

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