Focus in Bounty Autoplay

It´s a bit complicated to use the focus feature, if you play on auto in the bounty event.
The big problem is that there seems to be no cut off. When the Bounty is changing to the next area, the focus stays, even if there are some extras left. The hero keeps hitting on the target, but can´t do any damage, because he is to far away.
Would be great if he could lose focus and go for the extras instead. I don`t know if its possible, but it would be perfect if he focuses on the chosen target again, after changing the area, if so, that would be perfect. If not, I think its better to lose focus on a specific target and go freely for what ever he wants, than to keeping track of a target he can´t hit anymore.


First off, thank you devs for the huge improvement to auto-play! As for the OP’s suggestion, I mostly agree. Here are some scenarios and what I think the expected behaviour should be:

(1) time trigger is hit, bounty runs away but other enemies remain:

  • trigger stays on bounty until time trigger (maybe +1s) and then is set to no one.
  • note that OP suggested that, once these enemies are cleared, the targetting goes back to the previous target (ie bounty) but that seems like unexpected behaviour so I’m not sure I’m on board

(2) time trigger is hit, bounty runs away and no other enemies are remaining:

  • either the target resets to “no target” or it stays set on the bounty. Not sure which one of the two seems most ‘expected/consistent’ but I think the target should remain on the bounty in this case.

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