Auto retarget in manual

Is very annoying. It happens a lot especially if heroes get cloacked by Mandrake’s gold. You point at the target and suddenly it cloacks and you target another hero while in manual mode.


Yep, others have posted about this, amazed it hasn’t been addressed yet.

I think it would be easier for the devs if they just add some description in Mandrake gold skill…

Maybe sound like this : “if any allied heroes get Mandrake’s gold skill Survival Instincts, the enemy will change target automatically”…


I wouldn’t even really mind that personally. At least then it would feel like an intentional disruption rather than a programming oversight.

+1 for OPs request.

That said, if I recall correctly, there is a bit of an inverse issue as well. Specifically, if a player is using auto-play and has a hero targetted via the auto-play targetting, I’m pretty sure that hero going invisible doesn’t remove the targetting. This could be by design but I feel like it should or else it kind of decreases the value of the skill of going invisible doesn’t affect the person targetting you in any way. Note that I’m not saying the hero should be untargettable, just that the target should disappear and require the auto-player to re-find their target. Not bothered by this much as I don’t actually use mandrake (:O) but just feel it’s more in line w how the skill ought to work.

Yeah, so auto play helps you while manual play destorys you sometimes this way