Terraventa bounty map should be suspended

Previous bounties and also the current one we keep experiencing annoying bugs. From audio bugs to skills not even working. Every update it gets worse. And it greatly reduces our effectiveness within bounty. Now a bug occurs with Wesson his silver skill not working. Which is one of his main damaging tools within bounty. This faction is already hard to score high with and now we have to deal with this. I recommend suspending this map so we can actually hunt bounties to our full effectiveness. Then fix at least most of the bugs that make us unable to hunt to our max potential.

I am willing to provide a list of what i’ve encountered. Though i hope to believe most of these have been fixed previous one

Contacting support is the best way of getting the bugs fixed

If you have a bug, contact support. Posting about it on the forums doesn’t make the problem go away. They gotta look into it. But they won’t know unless you message them and report it

We recently had some Skill issues reported to support. The fixes were included in version 4.11.1, which came out that same week.

I haven’t heard of any issues with the new Bounty map through support. If people are seeing issues, the best way to get things fixed is through support. I’ve explained why, multiple times – to you, specifically, Robert – so I won’t go into detail again.

Talking about bugs on the forum is letting us know that somewhere, in the country, a needle is in a haystack. Writing in to support with details lets us find the haystack. Answering support’s questions points to the specific clump of hay containing the needle.

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My point in this post is not to adress a bug. My point was to gather all the info we have on this post. And have the map suspended. Because it decreases our effectiveness in bounty. And especially this bounty was hard for others. If i have any bugs or glitches i discover reporting it to support is the first thing i do. But this post was sort of meant to raise attention to the map itself. Because it’s just the map that has these kind of glitches. I haven’t noticed them in any others

And yes. Now that i look back i can see i phrased that different than i was meant to.

You didn’t even mention what you personally feel is wrong with the map, which gives nobody anything to go on.

Again, report to support. I know you think you’re helping, but players collecting complaints about an issue we’re not aware of does nothing to solve it. They can’t code in a fix.

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